[The first care of Italian Socialists]

The first care of the Italian Socialists on obtaining control of the administration of the city Reggi-Emelia has been to adopt the following series of commandments for use in the public schools, to impress the children with the ethics of citizenship and the religion of humanity:

“Love thy schoolmates, for they will be thy co-workers for life.
“Love knowledge—the bread of intellect: cherish the same gratitude toward thy teacher as toward thy father and mother.
“Make every day thou livest the occasion for some good and beneficial deed; always sow the seeds of kindness.
“Honour good men and true women; esteem all men as equals; bend thy knees to no one.
“Bear hatred to none, and insult none; the word ‘revenge’ shall be excluded from the vocabulary ; but stand up for thy rights and resist oppression:
“Do not be a coward; stand by the weak and respect and love justice.”—Eastern Herald.

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