Global Economy


We look at the economic background to the rioting and looting in Argentina, and the factors which led to the social crisis there.

Who’s Afraid of the W.T.O?

The World Trade Organisation represents the interests of the capitalist class and is a product of the lessons they have learned for protecting their system.

Tobin Tax—What a Joke

The call for a Tobin tax—a tax on financial transactions—is not anti-capitalist, as some in the anti-globalisation movement seem to think.

Globalisation, Part 1: Introduction

Introduction to a three part study of globalisation

Globalisation, Part 2: The Move Towards Free Trade

Part of a three-part study of globalisation

Globalisation, Part 3: The World Bank, IMF and Structural Adjustment

Part of a three-part study of globalisation

Globalisation, Part 4: Is There an Alternative?

Part of a three-part study of globalisation

Dropping the Debt?

Debt crisis for the world’s poorest nations.

Financial Wizards Or Great Pretenders?

The IMF and Ghana.

Uganda’s Politics of Alcohol, Soap, Salt and Sugar

Reflections on the Ugandan election.

A Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds, Death and Profits.

Going for Oil

United States enters Central Asia, seeking control over oil resources.

Boom Goes Bust in Asia

Thirty countries covering a quarter of the world’s population are officially in recession. Even defenders of capitalism are now compelled to use the term world economic crisis.

Russian Capitalism in Crisis

Russia is in trouble; and its economy is in dead crisis.

China’s Transformation

China’s move from state-run to free market capitalism.

Africa and the Reality of Capitalism

Africa, a continent with virtually all the resources it takes for development, is the worst hit by hunger, starvation, armed conflicts, instability, displacement and abject poverty. Politicians, jockeying for the little resources left by the capitalist class, display the politics of hide-and-seek, repression and oppression.

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