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    “Alan, I think it is very clear now that TS´s purpose on this forum is simply to troll and abuse others. I would recommend that at the very least his account should be temporarily suspended”

    No, my purpose is to point out your ignorance and hypocrisy and to warn newcomers you are pseudo-sicialists who should be avoided at all costs.

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    “I am not the moderator but this thread has become completely toxic”

    What, like the depleted uranium shells your country is sending to the front? No, wait! Bojo’s half brain, our resident chemistry major, has shared with us it’s totally safe. Heck, he sprinkles it on his marmite toast every morning and is the picture of health!

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    “Any newcomer that joins this forum will leave immediately. ”


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    The Weazel is back! Hey Weazel, how’s it garn?

    7. You are free to express your views candidly and forcefully provided you remain civil. Do not use the forums to send abuse, threats, personal insults or attacks, or purposely inflammatory remarks (trolling). Do not respond to such messages.

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    Robbo, you’re literally too stupid to have a rational conversation with. I give up. Lol

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    “Come on TS, fess up and provide us with a precise link where Alan suggested such a thing. Knowing what a dolt you are you probably mistook a tongue-in-cheek joke for an actual sentiment”

    Come on All-in. Let your teeny half brained mate in on your little friendship circle.

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    “You don’t obviously literally think the Waffen SS is involved in the Ukrainian conflict”

    Fuck you’re dumb. I’m literally asking you about the Waffen SS of WW2. How would you have stopped them? Your answer: teenage urges. Lol

    “But I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this occasion and assume that you are only using the expression, “Waffen SS”, as code for “Nazi”.”

    No, you moron. I’m literally asking you about the Waffen SS!

    “In your little mind, the Ukraine conflict is all about the wonderful humanitarian Russian military doing its “duty” and facing up to the evil fascist regime of Zelinsky and its degenerate Western backers.”

    Says the smooth brained dope who can’t figure out a question about the Waffen SS is actually a question about the Waffen SS. Lol. So, I’ll ask it again. How you gonna stop the SS from their rampage? (teenage urges aren’t gonna cut it.)

    “So I ask you once again for the umpteenth time- you’ve constantly evaded this question, haven´t you? – what is the difference between the Zelinsky regime and the Putin regime”

    (Yawn) I’ve never evaded the question and answered it numerous times already already.

    “Yes yes yes I know the Ukrainian armed forces have self-identifying fascists (Banderites) fighting for it. But so has the Russian side”

    No, Russia does not have fascist battalions as does Ukraine. It does not set aside national holidays, have monuments to, awards and streets dedicated to fascists nor fascist militias roaming its streets dealing out vigilante justice, burning people alive and raping and murdering with impunity. Russia has not banned all left wing political parties and opposition media and on and on as I’ve already explained. Yawn

    “(and as I have pointed out, Putin himself is an admirer of the Russian fascist ideologue, Iván Aleksándrovich Ilyín).”

    Lol. Putin repeats a quote and suddenly he “admires” the author of the quote and completely subscribes to all things said by that person? What planet you living on?

    “But having some fascists supporting your side does not necessarily make your regime a fascist one, does it?”

    There are countless articles in MSM media prior to 2022 documenting Ukraine’s fascism.

    “You could much more plausibly argue that the repellent authoritarian regime of Zelensky (a Jew, BTW)”

    Ever heard of a capo? The Banderites hate Zelensky and have threatened to murder him on multiple occasions. As I’ve documented previously.

    “is simply making use of the relatively small number of overt fascists in the ranks of its military.”

    There were a relatively small number of Nazis in Germany too as All-in with the CIA has shown.

    “After all, fascists are ultra-zealous nationalists and the regime has an interest in promoting the putrid ideology of nationalism -as do you”

    Erm, no, I don’t.

    “How am I not a socialist?”

    Because you hate all socialists and socialist governments and you have no respect for the truth. What you actually are is an infantile, smooth brained ideologue.

    “LOL, this from the dopey twit who characterizes the present war as a fight against the “Waffen SS””

    Lol. Reading comprehension really ain’t your thing is it?

    “yet tells us that “Waffen SS” was defeated in 1945.”

    Hold on, what you saying now? Do you mean to tell me the Nazis didn’t lose in 1945? I’m not sure how else to interpret that statement.

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    “Serious question. Which side are you talking about? The Russian military or the Ukrainian military? It could be either by your logic.”

    I don’t know how much clearer to say it. T-H-E W-A-F-F-E-N S-S. Clear enough now?

    “But the socialist approach of refusing to fight in capitalism´s wars is still the ONLY approach that makes any sense.”

    You ain’t a socialist and don’t speak for socialists. How did socialists stop the SS? They defeated them on the battlefield. You’d stop them with your teenage urges I guess. Lol

    “BS. The Waffen SS may have been defeated in battle but has the ideology it espoused disappeared?”

    Erm and the Holocaust and most of WW2 ended. Real world consequences resulted from that defeat you dopey twit.

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    Notice All-in hasn’t denied his friendship with the CIA? Come on All-in, fess up. Don’t keep Bojo’s half brain waiting.

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    “If the Scotsman found a Russian soldier raping a ‘nazi’ (using the word practically in it’s Japanese sense) (might be Waffen SS might not), the only consistent course open to the Scotsman would be to
    (c) Join in.”

    Lol. What the fuck you smoking?

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    Tell me more about your urging? Lol

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    “It also doesn’t distract that True Nazi supported EXACTLY the same argument Hitler did”

    Argumentum ad Hitlerium logical fallacy. You rally are a tool. Lol

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    “The thing is this is EXACTLY what BOTH sides in this sordid capitalist war are doing”

    Actually, no. That’s not what they’re “both” doing. The Russians are engaged in warfare against the army of a fascist regime. The army of a fascist regime, unfortunately including the unlucky conscripts, is not “innocent”. It is the instrument of fascist violence and oppression. Resisting such a force is one’s duty. Unless, of course, you’re physically unable or a coward.

    “and yet you are asking us to support the imperialist Russian side against Ukraine and its imperialist backers.”

    I’m not asking you to do anything. I’m merely calling balls and stripes.

    “Socialists don’t support capitalist warlords like Putin or Zelensky.”

    Putin is not a “capitalist warlord”. He is the president of the Russian Federation.

    “War itself brutalises people and turns them into fascists.”

    Brutalises, perhaps, turns into fascists? Malarkey.

    “In the name of a putrid nationalism, deluded workers give their lives to the cause of their respective capitalist ruling classes”

    In the name of nationalism the deluded worker killed the madman threatening the infant with an axe. Erm, no. Stopping he madman with the axe is always the right thing to do.

    “What is one to do? The only thing any decent human being would want to do. Stop the war and urge the combatants on both sides – fellow members of the working class – to lay down their arms.”

    How? They have artillery, missiles, tanks aircraft and machine guns. They’re the Waffen SS. They’re on a tear. How you gonna stop them? “Urging”? Tell me, how you gonna urge the Waffen SS to stop? Serious question.

    “There are indications that significant numbers of Russian soldiers are questioning the very purpose of their mission in Ukraine.”

    Rubbish. Provide a link. Nothing sourced to Ukraine or western MSM is acceptable.

    “The same needs to be happening on the Ukraine side. The utter stupidity of fighting for the right to plant a particular flag on a particular patch of land needs to be made crystal clear.”

    How you gonna “urge” the Waffen SS to stop slaughtering? Try it. See what happens. You’ll either be shot, beheaded, thrown in a barn and burned alive, put in a gas chamber or worked to death in a concentration camp. Geez, who’d have thought “urging” the Waffen SS to stop their rampage wouldn’t have worked out? You really are a clown.

    “Socialists can’t do much against the overwhelming forces of national chauvinism and reactionary capitalism but at least what we are doing makes sense.”

    Lol. Not only are you not a socialist but you’re not actually doing anything. You’re British, go lay down on the road in front of the depleted uranium factory. No? I thought not. You’re all talk, no walk.

    “Your recipe, on the other hand, will ensure that a legacy of hatred towards fellow workers who happen to live under another capitalist regime to yours will endure for generations. Wars don’t solve problems.”

    Actually, they do solve problems. Defeating the Waffen SS in battle is the only way you can actually stop their rampage. The application of violence does solve problems. Just as it’s the only way to stop the mad man with the axe hewing the infant in two. Tell me how I’m wrong. This should be good, I have popcorn.

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    “Anyway, Nostradamus, back in February you stated that Bakhmut would fall “within days, if not hours”. Still confident about your impeccable sources?”

    Lol. The town is completely encircled. The Ukrainian defenders, as I’d predicted, are doomed. So I got the date wrong. Big whoop.

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    “I didn’t say Hitlerian, I said you followed the logic that Hitler did”

    No, I did not. No one can claim that what is or is not logical is determined by Hitler’s utterances. Fighting against injustice is logical. If Hitler made sounds consistent with that, what of it?

    “That is, the logic of Nationalism and capitalist expansionism. You stated that you agreed with that logic, with those exact words.”

    My gosh, you are dim. Those words, when expressed in the context of the Russia Ukraine conflict, I do agree with. Let’s try a little experiment. “I will kill you if you do that”. Now that is a quite unreasonable thing for a parent to say to a child who decides they want to eat your cookie. It is contemptable. But it is not an unreasonable thing to say to a madman with an axe threatening to swing it at an infant. Indeed, if you had the power to do so and did not kill the madman mid swing (assuming one could not subdue him in any other way) then you are contemptable. Does your smooth brain compute how context matters? Now, do you see how your little “trick” was juvenile and pathetic?

    So child, answer my question. What is one to do when “workers” go rampaging about slaughtering the innocent.

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