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    Tel: 2425-0208 / 7378 (ISD: 091, STD: 033)

    E-mail:; Website:



    Head Office, Sunday, July 3, 2016: Called to order: 8:00 PM (due to incessant rains)


    Present (EC Members): Harisadhan Ghosh, Binay Sarkar, Sumitra Mondal, Pradip Singha


    Absent: None


    Attendee: Raghunarayan Chaudhury, Dipankar Roy


    Election: Chairperson: Harisadhan Ghosh on motion of Binay Sarkar and Sumitra Mondal; Minutes Writer: Pradip Singha


    EC Minutes No. 164 was read and confirmed on motion of Binay Sarkar and Pradip Singha


    Membership Application: None


    Correspondence: Please note that any comments in square brackets “[]” are comments from the General Secretary.



    SPGB Minutes of the 6th Meeting of the 113th Executive Committee, 4th June 2016.

    SPC Email Report for June 2016. A copy of their journal IMAGINE Spring 2016 issue arrived. Total 9 emails (during 8 to 29 June).

    Sher Singh: Faridabad Majdoor Samachar, May 2016 issue arrived.


    Outbound: Responses as required to incoming correspondence.


    MSC: To receive and file incoming and to endorse outgoing correspondence.


    Matters Arising:


    HISTORY OF ECONOMICS pamphlet: We are still looking for wherewithal for printing 1000 copies. Comrades have agreed to contribute 1000 rupees each.


    SPGB EC Minutes, 4th June 2016 remains silent regarding the WSP (I) EC’s observations on the SPGB EC majority’s violation of their own party principle and rule (see our June EC Minutes) by the following move:


    (1) Form ‘A’ i.r.o. Gorachand Paramanik (see also item 2 (e) (vi) Motion 5 of April EC minutes)

    MOTION 16. (McLelland and Skelly) “That the Form ‘A’ be accepted. Carried 6 – 0 – 2

    MSC: That the WSPI EC reiterate its principled position of not submitting to this humiliation inflicted by the SPGB EC move; hence the Party cannot but contest it. And that the WSPI isn’t going to call Mr. Gorachand Paramanik a comrade as because the SPGB EC majority has accepted his Form ‘A’, and until and unless he withdraws his unsubstantiated claims and allegations. Further that the WSPI EC refuses to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by anybody’s lies and falsehood, arrogance and conceit.


    Reports of Executives and Committees:

    Advancement of the Movement:

    [B,Sarkar and P. Singha are going on posting and interacting on Facebook timelines. Harisadhan Ghosh is writing letters and articles in Bengali which are being published in various Kolkata based Bengali dailies.]


    They are now displaying some 33 papers and 12 drafts 15 books (actually 15 chapters of a book) and 3 teaching documents uploaded by BS.


    We see this fast growing (from 36,882,115 academics on May 1, 2016 to 39,214,405 today) platform very useful for uploading and propagating world socialist ideas. So our comrades should make use of this platform.




    The World Socialist Party (India)_Discussion Forum and the website: are attracting new contacts.

    Facebook: Forum membership stands at 1,862

    Sunday Discussion: Every Sunday in the evening we meet to read and discuss Marxism, Leninism, Political Economy, Economics and other selected subjects.

    Literature: Party literature distribution is going on

    Socialist Standard: None

    Unfinished Business: None

    New Business: None


    Financial Report:

    Collection of Dues:

    Financial Report: June 2016: (Rupees)

    Income: 520.00

    Expenditure: 1,233.00

    Deficit: 713.00

    Deficit BF: 19,169.00

    Net Deficit: 19,882.00

    Membership Subscription & Donation: Included in “Income” above.

    MSC: To accept the financial report and to receive donations with thanks.


    Next EC Meeting: Head Office, Sunday, August 7, 2016, 5 PM


    Meeting Adjourned at 9:03 PM.

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