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January 2021

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    It starts with a look at the dark side of antidepressants (Drugs to drive you nuts: delights for the depressed). Next comes an article about the struggle of homeless squatters in California (Black Wednesday), then an interview with a member of the Minsk Socialist Circle about ‘What’s going on in Belarus?’ After that — a piece on the plight of Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange; an analysis of ‘What to expect from Biden and Harris’, the next in our series of personal accounts of ‘How I became a socialist’; and, as always, Reviews and Funnies.

    For the electronic version of the issue use this link:
    World Socialist No. 2 (Winter 2021)

    For the print version go to:

    WORLD SOCIALIST NO. 2 (Winter 2021)

    We would appreciate your contributing a review on

    Matthew Culbert

    Comradely greetings,

    Terrific effort, hard-working comrades of the WSPUS.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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