Workers’ lower than ever expectations.

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    As the years go by I cannot help but notice how workers’ expectations from cultural life are sinking lower and lower.

    I searched for a book online. A print on demand came up. It cost nearly £10. The description on the cover, and presumably the content too, was printed in Google-translate illiterate English, and the author’s picture was one of a completely different author altogether.

    A reviewer had given it five stars and rated it excellent.

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    That’s rather a sweeping statement. Do you have any evidence other than your dodgy book? Are you of the dumbing down cultural school? Personally I believe TV drama is pretty good – ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, ‘Ozark’, ‘Picard’ etc. and I’m also enjoying an immense collection of audiobooks on YouTube. I have noticed, courtesy of the Marvel & DC franchises, a definite dumbing down of the narratives in popular Hollywood cinema. On some of the ‘reactor’ sites on YouTube you sometimes get someone who’s introduced to good music and films, in contrast to their usual Hollywood diet, and it is a delight to see their enthusiasm. So I think the appetite is there but popular media is not supplying quality stuff enough.


    “A reviewer had given it five stars and rated it excellent.”

    You think all reviews are written by actual genuine people? That’s kind of cute. Fake, computer-generated reviews are a problem on these platforms.


    Yes. Obviously loads of would-be entrepreneurs are just churning out stuff to make money – such as p.o.d. non-books and crappy online videos, and it isn’t the fault of genuinely curious but poorly educated workers who are setting out to better their knowledge and discover writers, and don’t really know where to look or how to avoid.

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