Who’ll speak up for the new oppressed working-class boys?

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    The Daily Mail….its author, Matthew Goodwin?

    Wokey, racism and a load of old (size 14) cobblers!
    Money for old rope.


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    What the article is targeting (in a confused way) is a toxic new ideology that is especially influential here in the US. I suggest we call it PEC, i.e., ‘Progressive Except for Class’: it opposes an open-ended set of oppressions, starting with race and sex and potentially including anything except class.


    Grrr I missed out “white working class “ Freudian slip?


    This might be of interest


    A report from Class, the union-funded thinktank, on new attitudes to race and class in Britain explains you cannot predefine the beliefs and values of a class, it says, and then filter for people whose views correspond to them. Instead, the researchers built their sample on a points system, taking into consideration class identity, housing tenure, education level, occupation, household income, and if and how one might pay a £500 emergency bill.

    The “uberisation” of certain sectors such as academia, coupled with general pay stagnation and a public sector pay freeze, have combined to mean that old blue collar/white collar distinctions are no longer meaningful. You can have what used to be called a “middle-class job” and still struggle to meet your basic needs.


    At least they are realising what we’ve been saying all along. But it still doesn’t occur to them to differentiate (or they take great care not to differentiate) between “classes” based on some sort of sliding monetary scale and political classes, i.e. capitalist and worker. That would be too near the uncomfortable truth.

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