Who (or what) is working class?

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    The author speaks of “misidentification” but we know it’s more a case of being right for the wrong reason.


    It looks as if April Fool’s Day has come early this year. According to this news item, the BBC is going to set targets for how many “working class” people it employs as workers.

    Assuming this is not an April Fool, this should be an easy target for the BBC to meet since 100 percent of its employees will be, and always have been, members of the working class (though I suppose they could be the odd member of the capitalist class with nothing else to do but slum it by selling their mental and physical energies to an employer, in this case the BBC).


    I can’t help thinking it will be somewhat amusing to see how they decide who is working class, and whether they tell us how they are getting on meeting their targets.

    I remember watching a programme about class, not that long ago, and one chap said he was middle class because he had a TV. If the BBC use criteria like that, they won’t be recruiting many people.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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