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    I do believe in Marxist views  capitalism  and i do agree  a world socialism  but i do not  see i would see socialism  world in my lifetime  time.

    I want if the have another people with the same feeling.

    Iam Marxist on Society  and about of meaning  of life do have some agreement  with the existencialism…


    I am afraid, Rudy, that life has no meaning. Marxists are materialists and non-religious and leave providing a meaningless answer to such a metaphysical question to priests and idealist philosophers.

    Observation reveals that all life-forms come into existence and act in a way so as to continue to exist until they die and cease to exist. This applies to humans too. Humans, however, have the advantage over all other life-forms of being self-conscious and of being able to change their conditions of life. So we can adopt the aim, both as individuals and as groups, of consciously pursuing surviving and living in the best possible conditions.

    At the present stage of the evolution of human society and its material productive basis, this is a worldwide society based on the common ownership of the world’s resources so that they can be used to directly satisfy human needs and allow us to live peaceful, satisfying lives and to develop our talents. That was Marx’s aim and is the still the aim of present-day socialists.


    Hi ,

    I don’t  believe life a meaning either.

    We can tranform our reality  by creating  a social meaning to find  together for all a new sistem base  common wealth  to every one


    Looking for the meaning and the purpose of life is a metaphysical fixation, Many of us are not going to see the realization of socialism in our lifetime, and many peoples who dedicated their life to socialism did not see a new society either,  and because of that we can not give up



    Hi Rudy

    I dont think the fact that we are almost certainly not going to see socialism in our lifetimes – or even probably our children’s lifetimes  – should be deterrent to joining with other like minded people in the struggle to achieve such a society


    To the extent that any of us as individuals can make a difference,  we socialists  are making an impact , albeit small, on the climate of opinion as it is. In other words, we are having an effect on contemporary society.  Our opposition to nationalism for example makes life a little more difficult for the warmongers with the jingoistic support for engage in wars.  Similarly our opposition to racism and sexism helps to combat those forces that seek to divide and weaken workers in their class struggle against the capitalists.


    Just because we may never live to see socialism does not mean  our efforts are wasted.  The more of us there are, the more effective those efforts will be.   The socialist movement is more than the sum of its parts



    Toward nightfall he and his sons-in-law part from their families to pass an hour with their American guest. And the talk was of the world, and of man, and of time, and of ideas, as our glasses tinkled over the sea. The railway train waits for no man, and night is at hand. Over the thought of the babblement and rack of the age and the ages, over the talk of the day and the scenes of the evening, arose in my mind one question touching upon the final law of being, for which I would seek answer from this sage. Going down to the depth of language, and rising to the height of emphasis, during an interspace of silence, I interrogated the revolutionist and philosopher in these fateful words, “What is?” And it seemed as though his mind were inverted for a moment while he looked upon the roaring sea in front and the restless multitude upon the beach. “What is?” I had inquired, to which, in deep and solemn tone, he replied: “Struggle!”

    At first it seemed as though I had heard the echo of despair; but, peradventure, it was the law of life.

    Matthew Culbert

    If life doesn’t  have meaning  and one days we won’t  be  around  there more reasons  to be a socialist…

    Because life it is to short we shouldn’t  work  so many hours to the capitalist class and everyone  should have more time in a Socialist world to enjoy life an peace  …

    Bijou Drains

    To me it’s not about life having a meaning, it’s about life having a purpose, i.e. being part of a movement that can help create a situation where so much needless misery is avoided and where all of the world’s people can have an opportunity to thrive.

    I always think that becoming a class conscious socialist is a bit like the pill dilemma in the matrix, take the blue pill and remain in capitalist inspired ignorance, or take the red pill and see the world as it really is, well I took the red pill and there’s no going back!


    ‘Life’s a piece o’ shit when you look at it’ according to the Monty Python film. Knowing what needs to be done to clean it up when you’re in a tiny minority is very frustrating but just keep asking yourself ‘what’s the alternative?’



    I do believe  it is hope ours change it is not individual started first  with ours personal conscience but at the end is going to a social change .

    We won’t be going to  be forever but society won’t  death becasue our individual  death…

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