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    Nor has she endorsed any other Democrat presidential candidate but since Sanders is the only one who shares her “democratic socialist” credentials it is a blow to his campaign.

    It was not her directly but a spokes-person from her office which shows her personal reluctance to take sides.

    Still early yet



    And now,  the self-proclaimed  Democratic Socialist known as Senator Bernie Sanders is being rejected by his colleagues from the Democratic Party because he hasn’t given his personal approval to the US elected president of Venezuela Juan Guaido. It is a clear indication that Republican and Democrats are  both parties are  the eggs from the same nest, and there are not any essential differents with the Republican,  Whoever is saying that the Democratic Party and its leaders are communists, do not have a clue what socialism or communism really is, it is not a strange phenomenon in a country where the Fire Department and the Postal Office  is considered a communist measure, or communist institutions


Viewing 2 posts - 106 through 107 (of 107 total)
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