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    Young Master Smeet

    From the Irish Independent

    Independent wrote:
    CHILLING tapes of a late Fianna Fail TD chuckling about torturing, executing and secretly burying suspected spies during the War of Independence are set to be aired for the first time. […] Mr Corry – who is described n the documentary as the chief executioner for the Cork IRA brigade from 1920 to 1922 – described bringing alleged spies to the damp graveyard vault where they were imprisoned, sometimes for days, before being killed.

    The reckoning is up to 90 bodies in the bog.  Part of my curiosity is the commentors who spring to this murderer's defence, saying 'It was war' 'They were traitors', etc.  This man chuckled as he recounted slaying.  He is the sort of man any armed insurrection throws up.  As the centenary of the Easter Uprising looms, these sorts of debates will be had, more and more about whether it was worth shooting teenage boys and throwing them in the bog. 

    To my mind, this just adds grist to the mill that we need to find peaceful ways to make our revolution: socialism doesn't need haunted bogs.

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