The Turmoil in Catalonia

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    Depressingly, once again we are seeing the ugly face of nationalism showing itself in Catalonia.  All its going to achieve is to reinforce  an equally obnoxious Spanish nationalism.   The far Right Vox party will probably reap some benefits from this in the forthcoming Spanish general elections


    As  per usual large swathes of the Left will be mindlessly rallying to this reactionary goal of Catalan bourgeois nationalism – as if a matters a tinker’s cuss whether workers are exploited by a Catalan boss or a Spanish boss


    What an absolutely pointless waste of energy on an idealistic romanticised cause that is not worth the paper it is written on


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    I wonder how long this nationalist nonsenses who is spreading around the world will last, it is like retrogressing . Nationalism is one of the best tool used by the bourgeoisie in order to divide the working class and move them away from the real issues, and to disrupt the real class struggle, and the struggle taking place in Spain is not an exception to the rules. Spain is moving from a nationalist movement into another nationalist movement without resolving any of the real problems facing the working class

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