The need for a transnational state

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    I can put a basic argument together for why we no longer need a transitional state but I could do with a little more substance. Has anyone got any suggestions for reading material on this subject? I’d also like learn a little more about the history of the original “impossibilists”, who was first, what were their reasons and so on. I don’t have any money to buy books but any online links would be great. Many thanks.


    Dear Comrade,I hope the library at HO has a copies of Chushichi Tsuzuki’s “The ‘Impossibilist Revolt’ in Britain – The Origins of THE SLP and the SPGB’ (International Review of Social History, #1, 1956) and Steve Coleman’s 1984 UCL PhD thesis: The Origin & Meaning of the Political Theory of Impossibilism, as I think you will find both to be of interest.Yours for Socialism,Robert Stafford

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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