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    Bijou Drains

    Funny how little capitalism has changed in 110 years:

    The MP for Hastings and Rye, Sally Ann Hart, is indeed a noble choice to follow in the footsteps of Sir Sir Graball D’Encloseland and Adam Sweater PM

    With regard to the school meals debate Ms Hart said there is “clearly a role” for state intervention in these “unprecedented times” of coronavirus, adding the argument on the availability of free school meals over the summer was not new.

    She also told MPs: “To assume though that people who are less well-off will not or cannot feed their children is I’m sure somewhat insulting to disadvantaged families.

    “In fact, during the coronavirus, many families have not accessed the free school meals or voucher scheme.”

    Ms Hart went on: “As (Conservative MP Ben Bradley) highlighted, we must not shy away from the fact that unfortunately some parents just do not or cannot prioritise their children’s needs over their own.

    “We must turbocharge our efforts to look at the underlying causes of why some children are being neglected by their parents, rather than just let the Government step in, doing the easiest thing, throwing money at the problem, rather than sorting out the root cause – which is something we must do.”

    Chapter 37 TRTF

    “All through the winter, the wise, practical, philanthropic, fat persons whom the people of Mugsborough had elected to manage their affairs–or whom they permitted to manage them without being elected–continued to grapple, or to pretend to grapple, with the ‘problem’ of unemployment and poverty. They continued to hold meetings, rummage and jumble sales, entertainments and special services. They continued to distribute the rotten cast-off clothing and boots, and the nourishment tickets. They were all so sorry for the poor, especially for the ‘dear little children’. They did all sorts of things to help the children. In fact, there was nothing that they would not do for them except levy a halfpenny rate. It would never do to do that. It might pauperize the parents and destroy parental responsibility. They evidently thought that it would be better to destroy the health or even the lives of the ‘dear little children’ than to pauperize the parents or undermine parental responsibility.”

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