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    Geldof and Bono are at it again

    "Gleneagles… is Tony Blair's great lasting legacy – one of which he should be immensely proud. As should Britain."

    Can he get any further up the war criminal's nether region? Is he deliberately ignoring Blair's consultancies and assistance for African dictators and his complete ineffectual role as Mid-East envoy?  Does unnecessary Iraqi deaths not matter in the moral balance of Geldof's judgement but unfulfilled promises of achieving MDG targets do.  

    While Bono makes the case that extreme poverty could be eliminated by the year 2030 with the help of technology. Not all poverty, mind you, just extreme poverty. He says thanks in great part to technology, some of it in the form of medical breakthroughs, more people with AIDS are getting life-saving drugs. Nope, it was due to economics – Indian generic medicines defying international patent laws and under-pricing the major brand labels that saved millions of lives. And the problem isn't really capitalism, its just bad men and women who are corrupt, and the latest i-Pad will expose those people. Factivist be damned!

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