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    George Galloway said his party was going to put up 500 candidates. In the event there are only about 150. TUSC too had dreams of putting up enough candidates to be in a position to form the next government. They are only putting up 40, less than half the number they did at the last general election they contested, in 2015 (in 2019 they stood aside for Labour Party under Corbyn).

    This means that in at least 400 of the 650 constituencies there will be no left of Labour candidate. Which presents the Leftwing groups with the problem of what to recommend workers in these places to do with their vote.

    If you take the position of the Weekly Worker of:

    “Vote left where you can (and that includes the few left Labourites who are being allowed to stand), vote Labour where you must (ie, mainstream Labour)’.”

    that means urging most workers to vote for the Party of Business, the Party of the Bomb, the Party of NATO. In other words, to use the weapon that is the vote to cut their own throat by voting for political power to continue to be held by the capitalist class via a pro-capitalist party.

    Our position of course is clear: outside the 2 constituencies where we are standing, if you want socialism, cast a write-in vote for this by writing “SOCIALISM” on your ballot paper.


    The Revolutionary Communist Party (formerly known as Socialist Appeal) are putting up a candidate in Stratford and Bow in the East End of London.

    Their candidate, Fiona Lali, is listed as an independent but that’s only because they probably didn’t register in time as a political party with the electoral commission:

    Their candidate was recently in the news when she debated the issue of Palestine with Suella Braverman on GB News:


    Labour is promising/threatening to create 20,00 prison places. Since bolsheviks have always been dead keen on imprisoning undesirables political or otherwise, this is another good reason for Jock Conrad and the Comrades (sounds like a skiffle group) to vote Labour.
    I suppose this sort of policy is what Jock would call a ‘substantive idea’.It is certainly a ‘concrete demand’ as the building of more prisons should lead to an increase in the demand for concrete.
    I dunno, call it pious wishful thinking, but I guess I’ll stick with the SPGB and it’s ‘soggy abstractions’ (we have been having a lot of rain lately), at least no one gets themselves locked up.


    Useful but not entirely reliable. For instance, Karl Vidol in Southgate and Wood Green is listed twice, once as Independent and once as TUSC. By coincidence, a link to the Statement of Persons Nominated for that constituency is given in an earlier post on this thread. He is clearly TUSC.

    I don’t think Lefties will use the tactic of standing as independents again as they will suffer the fate that all little-known independents do — just getting the votes of friends and family, without getting over what you are standing for across: you just appear on the ballot paper as “Independent” with no emblem. You could be anybody standing for anything. Whats the point of that?

    I see the author takes a potshot at us for standing against all of them if they happen to be standing. But then we are standing for socialism and nothing but while they are standing for anything but socialism. In fact when they do mention socialism they mean state capitalism.

    The only one on that list who does say they are standing for an alternative society to capitalism that is recognisably more or less the same as what we mean by socialism is the Communist Future candidate in Manchester Central, but even they have a list of desirable reforms — and are accused by the others of being “reminiscent of the SPGB”. See their manifesto here:



    Phil BC (A Very Public Sociologist) just resigned his Labour Party membership after 14/15 years:

    I remember him originally when he was in the CPGB/Weekly Worker group – he wrote a short piece on the SPGB in 2004 wittily entitled ‘100 Years of Solitude’ – and was, I believe, a member of SPEW for a couple of years after CPGB/Weekly Worker before eventually joining the Labour Party.

    I wonder where he will go next?


    In case anyone wants to read it, the 2004 Weekly Worker article to which imposs1904 refers is here:


    This bears recording separately. It’s the election statement of the TUSC candidate in Folkestone and Hythe.

    “As a familiar face with extensive local knowledge, I was particularly saddened by the closure of our Grace Hill library, where I spent countless hours studying as a teenager and reading to my children as a mother.

    As a local resident and a teacher, I understand the grievances of our local community well, as they are my grievances too. We face long GP waiting times, the inability to get appointments when needed, a shortage of affordable rental accommodation, and a lack of quality council homes. Our secondary schools struggle with providing a high standard of education, and we endure the unacceptable issue of sewage being discharged onto our beaches. If elected, I will ensure these critical issues are brought to the forefront of government discussions.

    I am standing for the marginalised and young people of this beautiful town. For far too long, we have been ignored by the political elite and mislead to believe the choice is between the two. It is the political underdogs who drive real change. I stand firmly against the genocide being committed in Gaza with the blessing of the powerful. I demand an immediate end to this violent campaign. We do not have to accept the status quo. Let’s work together to challenge the present power structure.

    As a TUSC candidate, I am anti-war and anti-austerity. I am committed to improving the lives of the marginalised and the young in our community. Together, we can build a brighter future for Folkestone & Hythe.”

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