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    Is it just me or do others detect the thin end of the wedge being suggested by proposing that fees should be introduced to state schools. ( BTW , I speak as one whose state primary school was on The Tatlers magazine  recent recommended list. cheeky)

    Either on the long term it will turn a 'top' state school into a budget public school, or the definition of wealthy is reappraised at lower and lower levels by means testing until we all end up having to pay. 

    "State schools should also adopt the best features of independent schools, such as house systems, introducing longer school days, options for boarding, introducing school uniforms and pushing for greater parental involvement."

    Only thing left out of that is fagging and flogging.

    And, of course, schools will be increasingly 'sponsored' by business, something else we're already starting to see. Names like 'The Tesco Academy of Commerce' will become commonplace for secondary schools and students won't think twice about having company logos featured prominently on their uniforms.All good conditioning for the life to follow.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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