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    So predictable. The centrist, moderate, right-wing Democrats maneuver against Bernie Sanders. We may not consider his policies as a threat to capitalism but there are some who view him as a threat to their interests and indeed fear his victory

    Corporate Democrats ‘growing increasingly nervous’ as Sanders 2020 campaign gains steam

    The New York Times reported the launching of “an anti-Sanders campaign”


    The private healthcare corps mobilise against Medicare for All – the platform of the more radical nominees


    What the Left is thinking. Old fashion entryism with new fancy words

    A Left Strategy for the 2020 Elections and Beyond



    An article that exposes Joe Biden, the Establishment’s favourite.

    Joe Biden Is a Fraud, Plain and Simple

    “…Joe Biden has arrived as a presidential candidate to rescue the Democratic Party from Bernie Sanders…..Biden said: “Guys, the wealthy are as patriotic as the poor. I know Bernie doesn’t like me saying that, but they are.” Later, Biden elaborated on the theme when he told an audience at the Brookings Institution, “I don’t think five hundred billionaires are the reason we’re in trouble. The folks at the top aren’t bad guys.”…”


    Actually, taken in isolated, both those statements are not incorrect. No doubt, the wealthy are patriotic and it’s not 500 billionaires that are the cause of the problems people face. It’s the system. True, some might be “bad guys” but even if they were all saints it wouldn’t make any different to the way the capitalist system works and has to work. This of course is not what Biden meant.


    Biden reveals his puppeteers

    “Hours after officially entering the 2020 Democratic presidential field Thursday morning, former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to head to the Philadelphia home of Comcast executive David Cohen for a big-dollar fundraiser that will reportedly be attended by Democratic lawmakers, the CEO of insurance giant Independence Blue Cross, and other high-powered party players.”

    While the others speak at town hall meetings, Biden addresses his paymasters.

    “The money’s important,” Biden reportedly said


    The Wall St Candidates (paywall)

    According to The New York Times, the financial industry is throwing its support behind South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, as well as Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and former Vice President Joe Biden.

    The article notes that the same New York donors have also given to the campaigns of local politicians Sen. Kirtsten Gillibrand,vSen. Cory Booker,  and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    By contrast, the industry has expressed varying degrees of hostility toward Warren and Sanders.


    Harris gets the recent publicity but Warren gets the donations and has the better campaign machine

    “…Elizabeth Warren raised $19.1 million in the second quarter, her campaign said Monday, cementing her status in the top tier of Democratic presidential contenders and surpassing Bernie Sanders…The campaign’s $19.1 million came from more than 384,000 contributors giving more than 683,000 donations.”

    But the big money is still on the pro-Establishment candidates

    Pete Buttigieg,  nearly $25 million, and Joe Biden,  $21.5 million since his candidacy began in late April.

    Harris, trails with $12 million second quarter fundraising

    Is the dream team going to be President Warren, Vice-President Sanders?

    Where’s that William Hill betting shop for the odds, darn closed down…Ladbrokes?


    In the media we hear a lot about the left-wing of the Democrat Party, Sanders, Warren, AOC

    We are told that there are centrists within the Democrats.

    But if there is a left-wing, surely there must also be a right-wing. Stands to reason, eh?

    So why do the media never ever identify them or call them out by name.

    I have never heard of Biden or Pelosi being described as a right-wing member of the Democratic Party.

    The left-wing are depicted as extremists, as radicals, those who are on  right-wing are the moderates.



    Most peoples from the USA do not know the meaning of left, right, liberal, liberalism,  conservative, socialism-communism and social democracy,  they just repeat whatever the politicians are  saying. The Democratic Party is a right wing institution like the Republican Party, and it is the dictatorship of one party and one single ruling class divided into two political fronts. If you place both in a blender you will get the same juice, there is not essential differences

    The leftists are RCPUSA, the WSP, the CPUSA, the DSA, the IWP,  the Communist Voice, in the past they were the COUSML, MLPUSA, CPML,  etc, etc, or the political parties which are affiliated to Leninism and Anarchism, those are or were real leftist political parties.  In others countries conservative are called reactionary and recalcitrants and backwards, and most peoples do not want to be called conservative.

    The USA is not a society divided between Liberal and conservative, it is a society divided between proletarian and bourgeois, like all the countries around the world. The so called socialists affiliated to the Democratic Party they are Social Democrats and the USA society is so political backward that  they cannot  elect a social democrat, politicians who have been elected all over Europe and Latin America, including the Christian Social Democrats, and in some way they are more advance than the Republican and the Democratic Party together.

    The concept of party membership does not exist, peoples fluctuate from one party into another party and backward. In others countries politicians from the left, right and communist can easily participate in the electoral process and the only requirement is an application and pictures of the candidates, their leaders can participate in the press, they can have their own radio program, and members of the party run their own campaign, they have their own newspapers, and places where peoples can go and exchange ideas between each others


    The Bankers Favorites

    Biden, Buttigieg, Booker and Harris

    Not  Sanders and Warren


    How the media is side-lining Sanders by manipulating poll figures


    Here’s a piece on another Democratic candidate, Andrew Yang, who wants a “human-centred” capitalism  LOL



    Andrew Yang sounds like Lenin who said that Soviet  State Capitalism was beneficial for the majority of the Russian workers. I have never seen the Humanist face of Capitalism, in any of its variants, but I have read about the Humanist face of Socialism and Marx’s  humanism, or the unification of mankind with nature

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