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    ALB wrote:
    jondwhite wrote:
    There is even a Humanist political party.Humanist Party – United Kingdom

    There is a certain irony here (a lot in fact). This “party” has nothing to do with  the main Humanist movement but is/was the front for a cult based on the spiritual teachings of someone who called himself “Silo” which tried to pass itself off as bona fide Humanists. I remember meeting some one of them in Ealing in the 1990s when they contested a local election. At that time they were trying to pass themselves off as the Greens. I must still have their leaflets somewhere.

    Oh right okay. I take it the Rationalist Association who publish New Humanist are more legit. Funny that British Humanist Association should be separate from New Humanist. Kind of assumed the former published the latter.


    Has the ban on party members also being members of the British Humanist Association been formally rescinded ?


    I’ve been thinking about this recently and the discussion kind of begs the question about the definition of religion. Perhaps the things regarded as progressive things about religion are side-effects or opportunistim. At its essence religion is all the irrational things in organised religions. Is there anything progressive that a religion can do that an atheist cannot? Likewise for regressive things?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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