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    Matthew Culbert

    This was  asked about the spoiler function in the ‘Edit’ bar above. I have moved my reply into this forum and update it to make some sense. Thus,

    (btw, i note the addition of comment aids but what is


    experimented with it

    It is for text you want to hide or ‘spoil’. But access via a clickable link.I wouldn’t use it. It is just a bundled part of the plugin and I don’t think it is fully functional with our package..

    More info here > https://wordpress.org/plugins/spoiler-block/

    There is another way. With what is called ‘Collapsible Content (accordion effect)’. Use the details tag inside the usual<.

    then summary inside <.

    remember to close it with >.

    Here’s an example of how to use the <details> element:

       <summary>What can you use WordPress.com for?</summary> 
           - To blog! 
           - To showcase my professional work.
           - To create an online presence for my business. 

    And here’s what the above will look like:



    What can you use WordPress.com for?






Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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