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    Bijou Drains

    Well done to the comrades posting on Twitter, calling out Marco Rubio’s inane ramblings’s. The Party’s response was the lead in the Washington Post yesterday!



    More than 99.9% of those senators and government officials do not have a clue of what Marxism and socialism really is including those who claim to be socialists

    Socialism is not an economic system, it is a social production.

    Marx is not the founder of socialism, and he did not call himself a Marxist, but a socialist/communist.

    In this epoch political ignorance is more profound than in prior epoch and libraries are being closed, and book stores are going into bankruptcy

    Marco Rubio ( ridiculized by Trump on his campaign ) is only a backward right winger politician who is looking for the votes of the Latinos in Florida, specially the Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans, and he is only a faithful reader of comics books,( Paquitos ) he does not know what he is talking about.

    The USA society has been divided before the formation as a nation, and the division is not based on conservative and liberal, it is a class society divided between workers and capitalists.Liberalism has never existed in the USA, and there are not liberals.

    In my dictionary conservatives are called reactionaries, and recalcitrants.

    The SPC has an article proving that dictionary are also wrong when they have given a wrong definition of socialism/communism, they have not read the SPGB real definition of socialism/communism.

    PS During the 60 there was an old saying in the political world who said: He doe not even read the Paquitos ( comic books )https://historietasviejas.tumblr.com/post/186288914127/la-zorra-y-el-cuervo-año-ii-nº18 This is Marco Rubio bibliography and all those famous anti communists theoreticians including Donald Trump


    This is not the Washington Post!

    Bijou Drains

    “This is not the Washington Post!”

    My mistake, too many father’s day beers were taken. Sill impressive though, considering the Examiner is seen as highly conservative in outlook.


    Rubio is right that identity politics is divisive but wrong in thinking that Marxism supports it. Marxism is opposed to id(iot)pol precisely because it divides the working class against itself, setting one section against another for the crumbs capitalism has to offer. We are for working class unity against the capitalist class.

    Bijou Drains

    I’ve put a comment on RT, it might increase/inform the debate, if cdes wanted to either comment and/or join and uptick it, it would help keeping the contribution at the top of the mesage board, you never know someone might do a little further research about the party?


    Be careful on RT ( Russia Today ) and RT en español, it is infested with right wingers and they will clone your email address. More than 99.9% of the peoples from the USA have been distorted with anti communist propaganda which is only state capitalism, and leftists have associated identity politics, ethnicity, leadership, and welfare state with socialism. Both have done a very good job in order to distort and damage the real conception of socialism.

    PS Russia Today was a mail order magazine ( similar to Peking Review, and Albania Today ) who was mailed by the Soviet Union to millions of subscribers around the world in different languages


    Out of interest, how has affected our stats and followers?


    Out of interest, how has affected our stats and followers?

    I will not produce any changes

    Matthew Culbert

    Out of interest, how has affected our stats and followers?

    It hasn’t on the website. Just few from Washington. The Twitter item might show more but not my area.


    Further to ALB’s point

    Robert Halfon, education select committee chairman, dismissed “divisive concepts like ‘white privilege’ that pit one group against another”.

    The committee described “white privilege” as the idea of “societal privilege that benefits white people over other ethnic groups” – and said “privilege is the very opposite to what disadvantaged white children” experience. Halfon warned its use in education was “divisive” and likely to “promote disharmony”.

    Poorer white pupils were falling behind “every step of the way”. Halfon described it as a “major social injustice” that so little attention had been paid to how white pupils on free school meals underachieved compared with free school meals pupils from most other ethnic groups.


    As always Rubio may be right but for all the wrong reasons, as ALB pointed out


    In the USA the vast majority of the poor peoples are white. Any person who is a salaried worker is a poor person, and most salaried workers are deprived of all kind of privileges and rights. There are millions of white peoples living in poor neighborhoods as the black, the latinos and the asian. Donald Trump won the electoral college in 2016 because he knew how to exploit that particular situation. The American natives do not want peoples of others ethnics group in their own society


    You can prove them with solid evidences that socialism/communism is not what they have learned or heard, and they will continue repeating the same nonsenses.

    Without the Soviet Union, and without Leninism/leftism socialism/communism would have been in a much better stand in our time

    We spend more time explaining what is not socialism instead of what socialism really is, and when we explain it they would say that it is an utopia, and they do not even know what is the real concept of utopia.

    They are like musicians playing music without reading partitures, it is all bottled up informations.

    The distortion is so widely spread that there is a new concept known as corporate socialism


    Confirming much of what you say, MS, is this report that the US Navy describes socialism as a terrorist ideology.


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