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    The idea of wage labour as a form of domination is one that has been gaining popularity within academia in recent years, and has been filtering out into the mainstream through the release of books and interviews etc.

    For example, see this recent podcast, published in association with the New York Times, entitled;

    “Are You Free? How Work Relentlessly Eats Up Our Time”

    At the time of posting, it’s at the top of the list on this page.


    The discussion is with the authors, Nick Srnicek and Helen Hester, about themes from their new book “After Work: A History of the Home and the Fight for Free Time.”

    I wondered if we could think of other examples where socialist ideas get properly discussed in more mainstream or popular outlets?


    Just reading leading TikTok influencer against Landlords in Australia. It was on the BBC. Kind of not of not quite condemning housing market under Capitalism.
    I will look finding a link.


    I presume you’re talking about Nick Bano, but he’s a housing lawyer from the UK and not a ‘tik-tok influencer’. Unless you mean someone from Australia mentioned him? His new book ‘Against Landlords’ is going through the review circuit at the minute. Might be worth reviewing or critically engaging with.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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