Saturday 2 May, a full day’s events on Discord to mark Mayday Under Lockdown

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    Morning 11 – 1pm

    Strategy session hosted by Brian Johnson Where is the WSM in this crisis and what steps do we need to take? What do members want to do with the Discord site, maintain it or just use it for now and drop it when ‘normality’ returns? Do members appreciate the possibilities that Discord offers for a new way of operating as socialists? What about the democracy – how should Discord be run and by whom? Should the EC set up a special Discord committee with Terms of Reference and a call for volunteers? And what about the technical and familiarity barriers some members are having?


    Afternoon session of short talks and then group discussion 2 – 5pm

    2.00pm – Stephen Harper will be discussing the role of the media in the current crisis and expanding on points made in his article on the subject in the forthcoming May Standard.

    3.00pm – Paddy Shannon on how capitalism and socialism would variously respond to natural disasters and crises, and whether these would be more or less likely depending on the particular social system.

    4.00pm – Howard Moss on the future of global food production and the changes that may have to be made.


    Evening session 7 – 9pm

    First the 2008 Crash, now Covid-19, and capitalism is reeling. We know an economic crash won’t kill off capitalism, but what if it was brought down by a global event of a different sort, like a pandemic or an asteroid from space, and what would happen then, if the world’s population were not ready for socialism? Adam Buick leads a discussion.


    I notice the number if people joining Discord is rising though not as fast as one would have hoped.   Is there any way of spreading the word further and faster? As I understand it you dont need to be a member of the SPGB to join


    Can a constantly updated 24 hour invite be posted on this thread for people t click and join


    I have successfully downloaded the Discord app to laptop but can’t seem to link to the SPGB Discord site. Advice please.


    Alan here’s a temporary 24 hour duration  invite. Just click on the link



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    I’m just thinking that the Zoom meeting app is way more popular. More people?

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