Same sex marriage – is it a socialist issue and why not just abolish ALL marriage?

July 2024 Forums General discussion Same sex marriage – is it a socialist issue and why not just abolish ALL marriage?

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    Surely ALL marriage should just be abolished.

    How can it be of any benefit to the nation, as it's basically just a hang-over from Christianity.

    And when we consider SSM, all that is, is just adding more onto an already out of date concept?


    In present day society marriage is largely a property relation. Socialism is the abolition of private property and so therefore the abolition of marriage in this sense.However in a socialist or communist society (both are the same thing) I can see no reason why some people, of whatever sexual persuasion, may choose to make public vows of commitment to each other. This can be done without the overtones of religion and ownership.Socialists are not concerned with "the good of the nation", we are concerned with the good of the working class as a whole (and ultimately the whole of humanity). Workers do not own any country.The concern of socialists is to propagate socialism, nothing more and nothing less.


    The institution of marriage with all its negative connotations will wither away. But agreed with DJP, nothing wrong with public vows.


    DJP is correct, marriage is a property relationship. SSM is all about partners entitlements to ownership of house and goods, work pensions and compassionate leave at work , state benefits, inheritance, child care, etc etc … all previously denied but gradually now being incorporated. Rather than piece-meal tinkering, SSM presented an all in one solution with a marriage contract.


    Glad I have some agreement at last!And yes,  I'm sure marriage will wither away, I think it already is.

    J Surman

    Well we've been (mostly) happily not-married for almost 35 years because that was our decision, however in this strange property-oriented system we live within it has caused a few headaches/problems over the years. It seems we don't fit into the system too well. We usually end up being financially penalised one way or another. Living in Turkey has been another eye-opener to this state of living arrangement. Because of our age no one looks at us as if we may be 'living in sin' even when we present our documents at hotels, but I did have to 'buy' half the car in order to be able to be insured to drive it and health cover (national) costs us nearly double that of married couples – but hey, what the heck, it's all about principles after all! Roll on socialism!


    I envisage all types of living arrangements in a socialist society. The priority of such 'family units' as exist will presumably be to look after and bring up children; some may choose to do this in large groups, others in smaller groups or as couples. The key point will be that nobody will be financially dependent on anyone else – children on parents, or one partner on another.We can only speculate how children will develop in this type of environment. One thing is for sure, the first generation to be born into a socialist society will have a completely different outlook on life from us!

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