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    It’s all over red-rover for the Ukrainian military.

    “The stocks of two complete armies have by now been destroyed in Ukraine. The resources for a smaller third one will be delivered in the next rounds of ‘western’ equipment deliveries during the next months. Russia will dully destroy Ukraine’s third army just as it has destroyed the first and second one. It is doubtful that the ‘West’ has enough material left to provide Ukraine with a fourth one.”


    Yves Smith from July
    “The Ukraine military is so close to collapse that Russian forces going to Odessa sooner rather than later is a real possibility”

    Russia’s campaign in Ukraine: Nearing an inflection point?

    So her opinion is one that I would not hold much store by.

    Will the West replace Ukraine’s depleted weapon stocks?

    They are pledged to but perhaps not in time to stop the expected Russian offensive. But the longer the Russians delay such an assault, the more time there is for Ukraine to replenish its forces.

    But as this is a proxy war, the West will deploy more of their reserves for instance such as from the USA arms dumps in Israel

    Around the world, the US has many such reserve depots to tap.


    Similar to previous incidents where anti-missile interceptions caused damage, a Ukrainian official had to resign when he suggested the Dnipro apartments were destroyed in the same way.


    Yes, looks like the Ukrainian lie machine has been caught out again. In any event, either he knew what had happened or his suggestion shows that there is some healthy scepticism even in Ukraine about what their lie machine comes up with.

    Just heard on the news that a Ukrainian helicopter has crashed on a nursery. Be interesting to see what story they cook up to explain who caused that.

    Young Master Smeet

    Well, it seems that that was the helicopter of the interior minister.

    from the Beeb:
    There is no indication the crash was anything other than an accident, although witnesses said Russia’s war was to blame for the disaster.

    “It was very foggy and there was no electricity, and when there’s no electricity there are no lights on the buildings,” local resident Volodymyr told the BBC. which is probably true…


    But was it sabotaged?


    “But was it sabotaged?”

    Yes, by the lizard people.


    I should never attempt subtle ironic humour, my remark was in response to ALB’s question what will Ukraine’s government response be.

    However, this article on Russia’s demographics is interesting and impact on the existing and worrisome trend of male mortality rates.

    How Russia Destroys its Male Population

    “…Today, with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine failing dismally, the women of Russia are turning their backs on him and are calling for their male family members to be returned home from the front lines…While many supported Putin’s initial moves, today they realize they are losing their sons and brothers for no reason other than to fulfill Putin’s maniacal desire to conquer Ukraine. Putin and his henchmen will attempt to assuage the women – while working to silence them as soon as possible. Putin needs their men to fight his ego war – even if it means he must destroy Russia’s entire male population once and for all.”


    “However, this article on Russia’s demographics”

    Lol, by a “climate change activist” with no actual knowledge of Russia or its people.

    Now we’ve had the lies, the truth. Russia is winning. Casualties are tolerable. The Russian people overwhelmingly support the SMO.

    Bijou Drains

    TN – “Lol, by a “climate change activist” with no actual knowledge of Russia or its people.”

    And you of course do 😂😂😂


    “And you of course do”

    More than any flake on this website that’s for sure.

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    Nearly 12,000 men have been caught illegally crossing Ukraine’s western borders, according to figures from Ukrainian border forces.

    15 Ukrainians have died trying to get out of the country, while two allegedly frozen to death on their way over the mountains to Romania.


    TS -The Russian people overwhelmingly support the SMO.

    Sadly this is true. As it is for almost every other population in wars.

    It demonstrates the power of nationalism, not whether support is justified or not.


    TS: “More than any flake on this website that’s for sure.”


    At least no one here on this website apologises for a disgusting capitalist regime like Putin´s (or Zelensky´s, for that matter) – apart from you, that is. That is the real issue at hand, not who is “winning” this war (and we cannot trust the propaganda coming from either side when it comes to that deciding on that). Whoever “wins” it will certainly not be either Russian or Ukrainian workers

    The fact that members of the working class on both sides of this conflict, are dying for the utterly stupid disgusting capitalist cause of nationalism seems to be of zero concern to you. That speaks volumes.


    TS likes to use the term Zionazis so is the description applicable to the Russian ambassador to Israel when he says “Israel remains, as before, an important partner for Russia in the Middle East…And the further strengthening of bilateral ties fully meets the interests of our countries and peoples…”

    According to Viktorov, Moscow expects that the activities of the cabinet formed by Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu will benefit the Israeli people, promote traditional partnership relations with Russia and strengthen stability and security in the Middle East.

    “For our part, as always, we are open to constructive interaction with the current government [of] Netanyahu to further strengthen, consolidate and expand multifaceted mutually beneficial Russian-Israeli cooperation and coordinate efforts to improve the situation in the Middle East region and the international arena as a whole…”

    Such a cordial message to a ‘zionazi’ or merely diplomatic language to maintain Israel’s tacit neutrality towards Russia in the war

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