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    Some sample videos that contradict your preferred narrative.

    I can link many more and these are from only one website.


    “You are not socialists. You hate socialists and every socialist government that has ever existed. Just like liberals do.”

    And you support inflicting misery, cold, mutilation and death on masses of people because you say the top government brass are Nazis. So much for your “socialism.”
    The workers are 99% of the world’s population, so to say we care about nothing but …
    Lastly, “socialist government” is a contradiction in terms. Government implies a state, and a state is for a minority to oppress the majority with. So your “socialists” are a minority oppressing the workers, as in the USSR and China. You are, frankly, ignorant.

    Bijou Drains

    Returning to Scott Ritter’s analysis of the weakness of NATO, in comparison to the Russian armed forces. Ritter’s emphasis is primarily based on the numerical superiority of Russian military vehicles (mainly tanks) in comparison to NATO.

    I’ll return to that later, however if a conventional war broke out between NATO and Russia (which won’t happen for lots of reasons, but mainly because it would escalate to a nuclear conflict very quickly), like all modern wars (from 1939 onwards) air superiority would be the most important aspect, at least in the first phase.

    Comparing air fleets between NATO and Russia shows a very different situation to Ritter’s assessment.

    The collective military capabilities of the 30 countries that make up NATO outnumber Russia in terms of aircraft, at 20,723 to 4,173.

    Not only does this provide a massive quantitative superiority, examining it from a qualitative point of view is even more sobering for Russia. The USAF now has a deployed strength of 302 5th generation fighter aircraft the US marine corps have 114 of these aircraft and the US navy has 26 aircraft. In addition to this the UK has an additional 26 deployed 5th generation fighters. Russia has 6 SU 57s (full 5th generation fighters) 6 MIG 35s (an updated model that some commentators regard as either 4.5th generation and some as 5th generation).

    In terms of 4.5th generation fighters Russia has 120 SU 30s and 144 SU 34s. This compares to the 487 Typhoons (the 4.5 eurofighter) in service for NATO, 180 French built Rafales, 110 SAAB39 Gripens (76 Swedish ones due to join NATO) not including 15 full squadrons of US F18s in their Atlantic Fleet and 2 squadrons of British based F15 Strike Eagles.

    The situation with regard to 4th generation fighters is similarly one sided.

    Returning to the discussion on military vehicles and more importantly tanks. Russia does have a superior numerical strength in comparison with NATO. However, the vast majority of Russian tanks are 2nd Generation MBTs (T 72 standard version), whereas the bulk of NATO tanks are 3rd generation MBTs (Challenger 2s, Arietes, Leopard 2s, Abrahms, etc.). The qualitative gap is pretty large. The Iraqi army learned to their cost that a large number of outdated tanks is no match for more technologically advanced vehicles.

    Sadly for True Narcissist, his Call of Duty based wet dream of Russian military success against NATO are unlikely to be fulfilled.

    To Socialists, however, surveying this massive array of destructive machinery, we don’t see the success or failure of the machines and regimes that created them, we only see the kidney machines, schools, hospitals, care support, food, medical equipment, etc. etc. that a sane society could have created with the same resources.


    Your main prop for your analysis is a one-time middle-ranking officer whose last on-hand experience is almost a quarter of a century ago.

    The views of the supreme commander of American forces in Europe up to 2018 and presently an advisor for a strategic studies think tank count for nothing to you because you are selective in acquiring only information that does not conflict with your bias.


    “Your main prop for your analysis is a one-time middle-ranking officer”

    Translation: I didn’t watch the video and choose instead to indulge my confirmation bias. I don’t believe in half measures so when I commit to being wrong I commit 110%.

    I’m proud of you champ.


    “And you support inflicting misery, cold, mutilation and death on masses of people”

    Erm no, I support the fight against Nazis.

    Bijou Drains

    True Narcissist “Erm no, I support the fight against Nazis.“

    Well don’t let us stop you. Get yourself away, son.

    I’m sure Putin would welcome you with open arms. Given your massive understanding of military logistics and strategy, I’d guess you’d be at least a Colonel by the end of the year.

    Or could it be you just talk a good fight and really you’d fill your pants if it all really kicked off.🤣🤣🤣


    “You’re liberals because you say you support workers but that’s the extent of your concern. You don’t actually do anything. In fact you oppose the only people who do try to build a workers’ state.”


    LOL TS. This is plumbing new depths of dumbness. Since when do liberals support the workers against capitalists? Since when do Liberals even acknowledge the existence of a class struggle?

    You are no different from the liberals in that regard. Like the liberals, you endorse the nationalist myth that the workers and capitalists have a common interest in the guise of something called the national interest that supersedes and overrides class interests

    As a bootlicking supporter of the capitalist warlord, Putin, you are the one supporting the idea that workers should lay their lives on the line in support of Russian capitalism. Laughably, you rebuke us socialists for opposing what you say is the “only people who do try to build a workers’ state”.”


    That really made my day! Imagine that? An economic parasite like Putin and his super-rich cronies intent on building a, erm, “workers’ state”. You live in cloud cuckoo land, TS You truly have completely lost the plot


    Even Putin doesn’t pretend to that.


    So everyone, from the puppy and new-born baby to the old farmworker whose home is now a pile of rubble, is a Nazi.

    Bet you think the bombing of Dresden was wonderful too?


    How Ukraine’s Plan to Retake Crimea would Tear Russia Apart

    “Frankly, the Russian Federation could come apart at the seams over the next maybe five years or so.”

    Reading that made me laugh because I watched this a couple of weeks ago: The WORST Predictions from History

    “In this video, I take a look at some of my personal favourite predictions made throughout history that have truly aged horribly with time. This video was inspired by the absurd prediction that the US would collapse in 2010 and be split among various other countries.”

    Young Master Smeet

    Ukrainian nurses not being paid

    as Russia’s war hits Ukrainian state finances, this ‘money follows the patient’ system has left at least a dozen hospitals and clinics facing budget problems, unable to pay employees’ wages, or preparing to have their facilities closed, healthcare workers across Ukraine told openDemocracy.

    This is a pre-war marketisation reform, but it seems to be biting, and the health ministry is pushing the line that it’s now down to local directors to sort the problem out, washing their hands.

    Unpaid wages are a long-term problem in Ukraine. Between January and October 2022, the total wages owed to workers reached one billion hryvnia (£22.3m), according to the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine – though 402.8m hryvnia (£9m) was eventually paid out.

    It just shows that the attack on Ukraine’s workers doesn’t just come from foreign powers. Notably, as the article says, these reforms were intended to close down hospitals.


    TS – “Translation: I didn’t watch the video and choose instead to indulge my confirmation bias…”

    That was indeed the lesson I was trying to give you by my recent links to various videos. You expressed your own problem very well, better than I could.

    When one defers to the authority of others as we all have to do on this forum when it comes to understanding the military strategy and tactics of the war, the importance of qualification becomes paramount.

    As a general rule, it is the preponderance of evidence we should heed and not go by the claims of the occasional aberrant out-lier. As Carl Sagan advised, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.


    YMS, I was under the impression that the wages bill and pensions were currently part of the aid programme to Ukraine, as in the case of the Palestinian Authority and Afghanistan–they-will-be-used-for-salaries-and-pensions.rke-AMucUj.html

    But as corruption was endemic before the war in Ukraine it means the opportunity to plunder the state treasury has grown even more possible.


    You are right, Moo, some of the contributions here seem to be trying to emulate Engels as an expert on military matters.

    They are just as relevant as this incident in the sane area during the Crimean War of 1853-56 against Russia:

    Actually, the Kinburn spit, opposite Kherson and which commands the entrance to it, is still controlled by the Russian army. So, if I may play at being Engels myself, expect another battle of Kinburn soon.

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