Romney’s “corporate personhood”

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    Thanks to Libcom i came across this blog using Andrew Kilman which i found quite useful .

    “Corporations are collections of people that are trying to have good jobs for themselves and promote the future.” Profits go to shareholders, “some of which may be the 1%” but also to people with pensions. Profits also go into growing businesses which creates new jobs. All the money always goes to people. “The money goes to hire people or to shareholders, and so they’re made up of people. So somehow thinking that there’s something else out there that we can just grab money from and get taxes from that doesn’t involve people- well they’re still people!”

    The argument is that the prices of commodities, or the total value in society, all resolve themselves back to wages. If you trace the price of a commodity back to all of the costs that went into its production all of these eventually end up at wages paid to workers. Now, you may ask where profit comes from then, since profit is, by definition, money you made above your cost of production. Profit, says Smith, is going to be spent on future wages. The greater the profit, the more jobs we can create in the future. So, for Smith, profit and capitalism are good news for workers. All value eventually resolves itself to wages paid to workers.

    Marx tackles this very argument of Smith’s in Vol. 2 of Kapital.

    Full article at link







    I think the blog is by Brendan M Cooney although Kliman is also very in-depth.


    Romney’s views on capitalism and capitalist corporations may be conventional but his religious views are positively weird. As a Mormon he believes (and he really does as he was a bishop in that sect) that an angel called Moroni visited Joseph Smith in the 1820s and revealed to him where to find the Book of Mormon and that their god lives on a planet called Kolob. Mind you, Mohamet claimed the same sort of thing and christian claims about their demi-god are even more moronic. If Romney becomes US president David Icke will be able to entertain the hope that some day he can become prime minister of Britain.


    There’s a banned Morman cartoon here Reminds me of when toy manufacturers in the 1980s produced cartoons like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I notice Santorum also wants to introduce Judeo-Christian Sharia law in the US. There was feature in Salon I think about how many Republican candidates believe in Christian Dominionism, some Christian even mentioned it “we [christians] have dominion over the earth” on The Big Questions this morning. Insane.

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