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    The current front page comment on the website refers to “President Xi and co, who like to refer to China as ‘communist’”. However, is this correct? As far as I know all the leaders of the state capitalist countries have referred to their states as ‘socialist’ and on the way to ‘communist’. Is there any actual verifiable source for Xi claiming that China is ‘communist’?

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    My fault I’m afraid – should read ‘socialism’ – will change it
    Thanks for the comment


    The soviets leaders never claimed that they were living under a communist society, they held Lenin view of a transitional society which is the view of most Leninist groups

    We have explained thousands of times that socialism/comunism are the same society, we do not need a transitional period anymore like in the times of Marx and Engels, the real transitional society is capitalism, and the final conclusion is that socialism/communism has not been established in any place.

    There are still some groups in Latin America holding the view of two stages revolutions: A bourgeoisie revolution and a socialist revolution despite the fact that capitalism itself made its own revolution, it has been spread around the world and it is a reactionary and backward economical system, but it is not collapsing by itself

    The capitalists are the ones who have also propagated the idea that communism existed in Russia, and that it exist in China, Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, even more, Dunayeskaya wrote that both western capitalists and Russian ‘communists” have widely propagated that wrong conception and most peoples believe that Russia and China are communist society, instead of state capitalism, but at the bottom they hold some Leninist view

    We have spent more times explaining what is not socialism/communism, instead of explaining what socialism/communism really is, therefore, we can see the damages made by the soviets and the bolsheviks to socialism. Our argument is unique and nobody has been able to refute it Did Communism collapse ?

    Communism and socialism: is there a difference?

    Socialism and communism any difference ? The Myth of the transitional society, in this article, Adam Buck made a very good demolition argumentation against Ernest Mandel. Nobody has been able to refute it in the Internet.

    The reasons why some groups and personalities are obsessed with us it is because we have demolished all the argumentations of the Leninists/ Stalinists/ Maoist / Hoxhaists, Anarchists, Marxist-Humanists, Social Democrats and Left wings of all sources

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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