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    Free tickets will be released on 25 July for three performances on the day, in which visitors can play their part by reading from scripted lines printed onto entry wristbands.

    “The piece explores the power of the crowd, the sense of the unexpected and the galvanising solidarity that manifests when people are together as one. We’ll be remembering those that protested and lost their lives at Peterloo and those whose lives today are affected by different oppressions,” said Evie Manning, From the Crowd’s creative director.

    More than 3,000 members of the public will play a part in marking the Peterloo massacre on the 200th anniversary of the bloody protest for parliamentary reform and political representation at St Peter’s Field in Manchester.
    There will be no passive spectators at From the Crowd, an immersive experience which will weave together eyewitness accounts of those present at Peterloo in 1819 and the words of contemporary protesters and poets.
    Described as a dialogue between 1819 and 2019, three repeat performances will each bring together 1,000 members of the public with about 150 musicians, performers and volunteers to amplify the story of Peterloo and its legacy.

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