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    The Party is standing 4 candidates in this year’s local and regional elections.

    1. We are contesting the Cardiff Central constituency in the elections to the Welsh Assembly (or Senedd, as it now called). This is the same constituency we contested in the 2019 General Election. There are 11 candidates. Apart from the usual gang of 5 in Wales (Labour, Tory, Libdems, Greens and Plaid Cymru), the others besides us are: Reform Party (ex-Brexit Party), Gwlad (a more extreme nationalist pary), “Propel: Wales Needs Champions”)(another nationalist party, breakaway from Plaid Cymru as too leftwing), Freedom Alliance (an anti-lockdown party campaigning for “no lockdowns, no curfews”), and the Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party. Our candidate is Brian Johnson.

    Some 43,000 election addresses will be distributed free by Royal Mail.

    2. We are contesting two wards in Folkestone in the Kent County Council elections.
    (a) Folkestone East, where we are up against Tory, Labour, LibDems and the sitting councillor for the “Foundation Party” (a UKIP remnant). Our candidate is Max Hess.
    (b) Folkestone West, where our opponents are Tory, Labour, LibDems, Reform (ex-Brexit Party) and an independent. Our candidate is Andy Thomas.

    We are also standing in a Folketone Town Council by-election in Central ward. Here it is us vesus Tory, Labour, LibDem and two independents. Our candidate is Max Hess.

    The total electorate is 26,500 but there is no free postal distribution. Our leaflets will be done for some commercially and by Party members.

    Watch this thread for details of the campaigns.


    Kent & Sussex Branch report:

    In the areas of Folkestone we are contesting, most of 18,000 election leaflets have now gone out ahead of the postal vote distribution. The wording of the leaflet can be found here.

    A second leaflet will be printed to go out nearer polling day.
    Volunteers to assist are most welcome (but must observe Covid precautions) up to election day on 6th May (including bank holiday Monday).

    Please call Rob on 07971 715569 or email spgb.ksrb[at]


    South Wales comrades are holding a street stall tomorrow, Saturday 1 May, in Cardiff outside the Capitol Shopping Centre, Queen Street (Newport Road end)from 1pm-3pm.

    It seems that decentralisation has gone to heads of the local politicians. Not only have they changed the name of their assembly to Senate but there’s also a Capitol. Next they’ll be calling the First Minister a President.

    But it’s only a glorified County Council financed almost entirely by the central government in London.

    Still, our declaration of principles, commits us to urging the working class to “organise consciously and politically for the conquest of the powers of government, national and local.”


    Kent and Sussex branch members are meeting in central Folkestone tomorrow, Sunday 2 May, at 10.30 to distribute the remaining second leaflet door to door. Local council wards are small enough to leaflet the area twice.

    For exact details of where to meet phone or text Rob (scroll up for the number).

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    Kent & Sussex branch report:

    On Sunday we distributed about 1800 leaflets, across three areas including the East and West Folkestone County divisions and the Central ward where the town council by-election is taking place.

    In all we must have managed to have got out at least at least 9,000 of the 10,000 reminder leaflets printed.

    Polling takes place today but the votes won’t be counted until tomorrow morning.


    Here is the result in Cardiff Central. We got the about the same number of votes as in the 2109 General Election but on a much lower turnout

    Photo of the candidate here, including ours, but of course it’s the case not the face tht counts.


    Here are the results for Folkestone East and West.

    And the Folkestone Town Council by-election in Central Ward.


    Not a bad results at all Comrades.

    Above all, it takes a lot bottle and determination to get out there and do your thing when the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against you.

    Very, very proud to call you Comrades.


    Comrade Paul Edwards.


    Just noticed that the link to the Cardiff candidates’ photos has a link to our website via this (as well as to Brian’s class war record):


    Report from Kent & Sussex Branch:

    Results and Activity

    We have substantially increased our vote compared to the last (first!) time we contested the same County Council seats:

    Folkestone East = 89 (2017 = 48)
    Folkestone West = 55 (2017 = 23)

    We also stood in a town council by-election in Folkestone Central (which covers just over half of Folkestone West) and got 61 votes, which suggests some tactical voting may have taken place. And we didn’t come last.

    In total this means that at least 150 people voted for an SPGB candidate in these two county divisions that cover one third of Folkestone & Hythe. In absolute terms, this is the best we have done since we started standing in 2014… including when we have contested the whole area such as for the UK or EU parliaments.

    As previously reported two separate leaflets were printed for distribution during the campaign, delivered using a mixture of commercial and membership distribution.

    The first was distributed across the whole of both County divisions (approximately 17,500 dwellings), before the postal votes were issued.

    A second reminder leaflet was distributed in the last few days of the campaign. About 9,000 were delivered, mainly in the Harbour and some other areas of Folkestone East and in Central ward in Folkestone West.

    Both leaflets contained local contact details and the first an ad for the Socialist Standard with a QR code. At least 3 people replied so far ordering a free trial sub.

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