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    ALB wrote:
    It is still the case, though, that it is not regarded as too significant as it does not involve people in their places of work and that one of the "illusions" it is said to carry is its concern for democratic forms — which of course is precisely what we find encouraging in it. But then we are not ultralefts.

    Here's an example (a summary of something from a prominent ex-member of the ICC):

    Nuit debout certainly appears to respond to a growing discontent and questioning, as did the other earlier movements to which R.V. refers. The question is, as he says, to see the movement spread to the working class itself, but especially to go beyond calls for "real democracy" (whatever that means) and forge a direct link between the growing precarité and the laws of motion of capital itself: to shift the discussion from the absence of democracy to the abolition of value and its social forms.

    Some data to feast uponA survey questioned French people aged 18 to 3096% of respondents saying they had heard of the movement. And far from being a fad among urban elite, as some media have suggested, Up All Night was familiar to 92% of young people living in rural areas. 56% of them said they understood the movement's goals.70% of respondents said that Up All Night expressed their demands. Among those who had heard of the movement, 21% said they “completely agreed” with the statement, “The people who participate in the Up All Night movement express their generation's demands”. 48% said they only “more or less agreed” with the demands. 54 percent of young French people interviewed said that the movement’s demands were not clear.When asked whether they would support the movement, 24% of respondents said they “completely agreed’ and 36% they “mostly agreed”. Only 27% said they would “probably not” support the protesters, and 12% said “definitely not”. As the name of the movement suggests, the “occupations” take place primarily at night, 26% of young people asked said they were willing to participate in an Up All Night protest “until the end of the night”. Another 14% said they were willing to participate during the day. And 26% said they would support the movement “from their computers”. 33% of those interviewed said they would not take any action to support Up All Night.   


    Interesting but I thought Nuit Debout claimed that it didn't have any "demands" so what demands are those questioned supporting or opposing?


    Another eye-witness observation about the movement


    Jacobin give their view


    Does anyone know much about what is going on in France right now?Is it really as bad as these two articles claim?There is very little on our news about it.

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