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    <u>Sent on behalf of The General Secretary</u>

    <u>Appointment of Central Branch Secretary</u>

    The Executive Committee has appointed Comrade Paul Edwards to the position of Central Branch Secretary for 2020.

    Cde Edwards can be contacted by email:

    It is intended to contact all Central Branch members individually to inform them of the appointment of Cde Edwards, and of plans to organise an initial meeting of the Branch, which is likely to be held online by audio using the ‘Discord’ application.

    In the meantime, informal Central Branch meetings are being held. The next one will be hosted by Cde Edwards in the Discord Central Branch channel at 7.00pm (BST) on Sunday 21st June. Then fortnightly thereafter.

    Any members of Central Branch not already on Discord will require an invitation to join the SPGB site. Please contact Cde Edwards directly about this by email to

    For general information about the Discord application follow this link:

    Please note:

    1. You will need access to a computer with microphone and speaker or a smart phone
    2. Discord software can be installed on any computer or phone with a reasonably modern operating system.
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