Mental Illness as Rebellion Against Society

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    Hi TimYou said:“I think you misunderstand Attachment Theory. Attachment Theory is a theory of causation, as much as a theory of treatment.”No, I think I got that Attachment Theory is both – apologies if this did not come through in what I said.Thanks for the additional information about research findings about the condition.  I don’t doubt these.You said:“What I do find sinister is that for over half a century overwhelming evidence has demonstrated the need for infants to have early, consistent, predictable, loving care, yet still government policy is about getting children into day “care”; as early as possible, getting them into “learning”; as soon as possible, so that the number of available workers is increased to depress the price of labour and to ensure that children’s heads are filled with the things they need to become the next set of wage slaves.”I totally agree.  Many is the morning I have made my way to work in the early hours and seen little toddlers in their push chairs being wheeled to day nursery, sometimes at 6 am.  It always makes me feel sad, for the kids and for the parents.You said:“When we have a sane society (Socialism) we can provide the support needed for parents of both sexes to enjoy caring for and nurturing their children, helping them to play, learn about the world develop friendships and security.”Well, yes, although I am not confident about it being a case of “WHEN” the way you seem to be.  I think it’s an “IF”, and a big “if”.  I cannot see enough signs pointing to any kind of growth of understanding among people.  It is still very easy for people in power to “divide and rule”; this tactic is used again and again and seems to work every time.  Wish I could be more optimistic.You said:“You might find the work of Robertson and Robertson interesting.”Yes, I did; they did some brilliant work, didn’t they.  I think I’ll hold off on watching the harrowing you tube video; I’m a sensitive soul.Meel

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