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    I am working on the Spanish translation of the three articles published on the Socialist Standard about my dearest Frederich  Engels, and his 200th anniversary. They are going to be published on a Chilean magazine ( and their private chat where I have laid down the socialist case ) which is also distributed in Latin America by a group of Chilean doctors and ex-members of the coalition which supported the election of Salvador Allende composed of Castroists, Social Democrats and Christian social democrats. Next month an article will be published in the same magazine based on the socialist stand regarding the election and the lesser evil, particularly the US election and its influence in Latin America and the stand of the WSPUS ( WSM ) as the only real socialist party which exists in the USA. Basically, that is the idea



    PS During my youth Engels writings motivated many young men and women to be attracted to the Marxist movement, we were ignorants on the real concept of socialism and we were not aware of  some of the mistakes made by Engels, we were heavily influenced by Leninism and Stalinism,  but after all, Engels made great contributions to socialism and the working-class movement, he had more positive than negative contributions. Both Marx and Engels made mistakes like any other human beings, probably, we made more mistakes than both of them together


    Negation of the negation.  Apologies, Friederich Adolph Sorge almost certainly never associated with NYDT editors Bayard Taylor or Charles Dana.  My recollection of Marx’s New York associations tricked me.

    Nevertheless, Sorge would have appreciated Marx’s Faustian “cloven hoof” allusion to the devil, which was already fable to Shakespeare’s Othello “I look down towards his feet, but that’s a fable” (Othello Act 5, Scene 2).

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    No, lBird, I do not consider you a “jackass” — whether  “cloven hooved” or merely “ass’s hooved”.

    My considered assessment…

    Anyone possessed of your fanaticism, who over five long years has continuously and perpetually advocated that

    • science and mathematics are irredeemable class ideologies, 
    • and general scientific knowledge can solve the outstanding specialist problems of modern physics and modern mathematics

    automatically places himself — totally without anyone else’s help through his own unaided determined efforts — into the venerable but immortal category of the tribe of

    • circle squarers,
    • rational π seekers
    • or, as in your vaunted case, deniers of Planck’s constant.

    The apposite epithet for such a crusader of such lost causes is, in your confused and unimaginative case, not the conceit “quixotic”, but sadly the humble word “crank”.

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    Congratulations twc. Your knowledge of ornithology has allowed us to identify what sort of bird we have sighted:

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