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    The current climate change protests are being encouraged and praised by a whole segment of the ruling class, from the Merkel to Corbyn. That alone should make us reflect on whether these protests are really part of the solution to capitalism’s devastation of nature. In this forum we will look at the relationship between humanity and nature from a communist starting point, and argue that the class struggle alone can halt the slide into barbarism. Join us for the discussion!

    2pm, Saturday 19 October, May Day Rooms, 88 Fleet Street,  London EC4Y 1DH (Nearest tube: St Pauls)

    We have produced an international leaflet in response to the protests. The presentation at the forum will be largely based on its approach: https://en.internationalism.org/content/16724/only-international-class-struggle-can-end-capitalisms-drive-towards-destruction

    International Communist Current


    Unfortunately this clashes with our Autumn Delegate Meeting.

    Re the attached leaflet, although it is true that capitalism and the impersonal economic forces it unleashed has to be destroyed before anything constructive and lasting can be done to tackle the problem of threatened global overwarming and that this has to be done by the working class struggling to end capitalism by establishing worldwide socialism as the framework within which to deal with the problem, I don’t think that the answer is to step up the industrial class struggle in the hope that it might become consciously socialist and political. A much more directly socialist political approach is needed.


    Without the proper political education the working class can not obtain its real liberation, it is not the old Maoist slogan of getting the theory in route

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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