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    Vin wrote:
    I would like to see more humour in our literature and social media and of course our forums.

    Eagerly looking forward to the next video contribution from the AVC…


    What is it about the time spans that accompany these predictions of catastrophe? – always ten years ahead. I can recall POTUS Richard Nixon being warned by one of his advisors in the 1970s that “We have only a 50/50 chance of aking it to the 1980s.”


    "Unless it changes, capitalism will starve humanity by 2050" another example of the kind of deceitful "Trojan horse" strategy that, deliberately or otherwise, seeks to steer criticism away from capitalism by engaging in the rhetoric of anti-capitalism.  I despair when I read articles like this with its glib talk  of a "new generation of companies showing the way forward" and "infusing capitalism with fresh ideas".  Its just so much timewasting superficial BS.  Never mind how you get from the highly concentrated and increasingly concentrated and centralised pattern of ownership we have today to one in which we have distributed ownership – how is this going to alter the basics of capitalism and its driving force of capital accumulation or economic growth? There is a fundamental contradiction involved in attributing the  problem of environmental crises to capitalism and then proposing to tackle  these crises  while keeping capitalism intact albeit supposedly modified.  I notice that one of solutions proposed is that of "holacracy" which was being enthusiastically promoted on this forum not so long ago


    Along a similar sentiment but one restricted to the Labour movement is this article 

    For many years now, a widespread cry has been raised of the imminent death of American Labor; of the end of working people as a living force in the life of the United States. We hear that the workers’ movement is currently is in its last painful death throes – irrelevant, dying, lonely and forgotten by a technologically rapacious consumerist society that has moved past Labor as a social force and relegated it to a long forgotten past….this death cry comes from our so-called mainstream media, where working people are constantly bombarded with messages of the futility of any sort of identity or action that is not tied to their role as active consumers in a capitalist order. Working people are not encouraged to see the basic unity of their circumstances – whether they be in the workplace, unemployed, or even retired – and instead are drawn into any number of subcultures which ultimately drain energy and purpose, and which mask the nature of our social relationship…But Labor – the concerns of working people as manifested in union activity and solidarity – will never really die. It may be handed some serious societal and global setbacks, but there has been a general march throughout human history that will not come to an end here or anywhere on the planet, as long as there are people determined to be free and who believe in equality and justice. The names and terms will change perhaps, but the great constructive work of strengthening bonds, communicating, effecting positive change is ours to complete,

     Negative thoughts create negative actions…perhaps sometimes i am guilty of this in my pessimistic prognosis of the Party. Perhaps i should be more positive and optimistic. But it does mea, adapting and re-shaping ourselves…because times they have a-changed, and that is for sure.

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