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    The Last Thing Haiti Needs Is Another Military Intervention

    The last thing that Haiti needs is another military intervention



    Dominican Republic militarizes border with Haiti, cracks down on migrants
    Dominic Gustavo
    14 October 2022
    Dominican President Luis Abinader announced the deployment of troops to the Haitian border on October 9 to stop the flow of refugees fleeing poverty and violence in crisis-stricken Haiti.

    Speaking at a press conference in Dajabón, on the northwest frontier with Haiti, Abinader echoed his Haitian counterparts in calling for a foreign military intervention to quell the popular uprising against the US-installed regime of Prime Minister Ariel Henry


    The irrepressible Clare Daly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaLgDOG5BVM



    The South of the USA is not the only place where they were lynching African descendants. Donald Trump is not the only president who has built a wall to stop emigration, there is one between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Haitian descendants born in the Dominican Republic are Haitians, the same case of the Mexican and the Puerto Rican in the USA. During 1930 thousands of ‘Mexicans” were deported and most of them were born in the USA, and they are called anchors babies, but the Gudalupe Hidaldo treaty said that Mexicans were allowed to enter the USA territory whenever they wanted to do it, and they were allowed to choose two citizenship, but treaties are like toilet papers. Borders and frontiers are instruments of criminality


    I note that the BBC reporter Olga Guerin is now on the ground.


    She is one of the few journalists I possess respect for having been driven out of her role of reporting from Palestine by Israel and BBC capitulating to their demands to replace her.

    Expect far better coverage of Haiti from the BBC now if she is being based long-term there and not merely a temporary assignment


    It’s Orla Guerin. At least get her name right!


    Chaplin summed it up physically when, pursued in the U.S. and shot at in Mexico, he straddles the border and walks with one foot on either side.

    Similarly, Jean Genet as an unwanted vagrant played hopskotch on the German/Polish border.

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    Mea culpa, for my carelessness, Lizzie.

    But does it diminish my admiration for her reporting in any way and drawing attention of the forum to her virtues?


    “But does it diminish my admiration for her reporting in any way and drawing attention of the forum to her virtues?”

    Probably not, but it does diminish my admiration for you. X



    This is one of the best historian on the bourgeoisie revolution of Haiti, then follow by Gerald Horne. CLR James is one of the few ex-Trotskyist who knew that the Soviet Union was a state capitalism economy, he rejected the concept of the vanguard party, but he was not able to distance himself completely from Leninism. One part of a totality is not enough, it is the same stand of the left communists

    https://monthlyreview.org/product/confronting_black_jacobins/ Gerald Horne is heavily influence by the politic of identity

    It is sad that the group from Jamaica who held the same principles of the WSM/SPGB was not able to continue, it was a total rebuttal of Castroism/Guevarism and Stalinism/Leninism. It has been the only group who knew the real definition of socialism/communism


    ORLA Guerin is now in Ukraine reporting.



    David Oxygène, secretary general of the organization MOLEGHAF (Mouvement de Liberté d’Égalité des Haitiens pour la Fraternité, or National Movement for Liberty and Equality of Haitians for Fraternity), explains why he opposes military intervention.

    “Military Intervention Will Birth Military Occupation,” Haitian Activist Warns

    “He and members of other grassroots organizations in Haiti see this is a tactic used to create an atmosphere that will enable foreign powers to assume control of the country’s resources and economy, as well as its culture, and prop up leaders who are in the service of the colonizers.”

    “Many people in Haiti view the gangs as being under the control of the government that is supporting lawbreaking with impunity, including kidnapping, rape, exploitation, and all other forms of violence. It is not clear what exactly the foreign interventions in Haiti will accomplish beyond giving power to another group of gangs that will continue to maintain inequality and foment violence.”


    Those gangs have existed since the time of Duvalier, they were called “Tonton Macoute”. The USA used them in order to kill opponents, and to keep Duvalier in power. Next to the border there was another terror group known as “La Banda Colora”, they were doing the same job and they were used to keep the president on power and to eliminate opponents. Some geologists have indicated that Haiti has a large reserve of oil, and the whole Caribbean basin has more petroleum than Venezuela.

    The Tonton Macoutes: The Central Nervous System of Haiti’s Reign of Terror


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