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    Decided to create a new thread mainly because of the credentials of the critic, a Blackrock investment banker.

    He was part of the effort to turn Wall Street “green”. His informed judgement: “This is definitely not going to work.”

    “I have looked inside the machine and I can tell you business does not have this,” Tariq explains. “Not because these are bad people but because they run for-profit machines that will operate exactly as you would expect them to do.”

    The climate crisis can never be solved by today’s free markets.

    “It’s not because they are evil, it’s because the system is built to extract profits,” he said.

    Sadly, he is no socialist and trusts in government intervention by carbon taxing.


    Another reminder of reality

    India’s energy minister declared long-term net zero targets, “pie in the sky.” He said poor nations want to continue using fossil fuels and the rich countries “can’t stop it”. Net zero refers to balancing out any greenhouse gas emissions produced by industry, transport or other sources by removing an equivalent amount from the atmosphere.

    “2060 sounds good, but it is just that, it sounds good,” Raj Kumar Singh, India’s minister for power, told a meeting organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA). “I would call it, and I’m sorry to say this, but it is just a pie in the sky.”

    “…you have 800 million people who don’t have access to electricity. You can’t say that they have to go to net zero, they have the right to develop, they want to build skyscrapers and have a higher standard of living, you can’t stop it,” he told the meeting.


    Further evidence that national interest comes before the interests of the planet

    In Southeast Asia coal usage has increased in the past decade. In 2019, the region consumed around 332 million tons of coal, nearly double the consumption from a decade earlier, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)… coal-fired energy will overtake natural gas as the main power source in the ASEAN region by 2030. And by 2040 it could account for almost 50% of the region’s projected CO2 emissions.

    Of that, Indonesia accounted for 42% and Vietnam nearly a third. In 2019, the region’s imports of thermal coal rose by 19% compared with the previous year, according to an IEA report.

    Energy generated from coal doubled in the Philippines between 2011 and 2018, when it accounted for 53% of energy consumption, according to the country’s Department of Energy.

    Coal is expected to account for more than 50% of Vietnam’s energy supply by 2030, the World Coal Association, an industry body, predicts.

    Even Laos, which has built hundreds of hydropower dams over the past decade, saw coal-fired energy production rise from almost nothing to 10,000 GWh in 2017. In February, Laos’ deputy minister of energy and mines, Daovong Phoneke, announced that two new coal-fired energy plants

    Indonesia last year initiated proceedings at the World Trade Organization against the EU’s phased ban on palm-oil imports. Brussels contends the ban is to protect the environment, but Indonesia, the world’s largest palm oil producer, says it is mere protectionism. Malaysia, the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, has vowed to stand with Jakarta in its battle against the EU.


    All of which makes little old UK’s targets to be carbon neutral somewhat pointless, even if achievable.

    Added to which the mentality of most eco types seems to be that we can all only do our bit by recycling, avoiding products with dodgy ingredients, and setting up yet another conservation group, leaving the bigger problems to the big boys.


    In this video Greta Thunberg seconds Tariq’s analysis about the powerlessness of CEOs at about 5 mins in

    But totally fails when asked about capitalism being culpable at 6 mins. Why can’t she recognise the cause of why politicians and CEOs won’t act? Is she scared of being labelled political?

    She doesn’t understand a change in society which she later discusses later at 9 mins.

    At 13 mins she expresses her skepticism about C0P-26


    Australia’s leading scientists in a report by the Australian Academy of Science stated that the Paris climate agreement limiting global heating to 1.5C was now “virtually impossible”.

    “The world is just nowhere near doing what is required for 1.5C,” Peters says. “Saying anything other than 1.5C is virtually impossible is irresponsible and misleading.”


    “fossil-fuel free” buildings

    “It’s strange to see something described as ‘fossil-fuel free’ when it is made of concrete, steel and glass,” says Joe Giddings, coordinator of the Architects Climate Action Network (Acan) campaign group. “The production of these materials entails burning a huge amount of fossil fuel. The climate emergency is not a game and we can’t just spin our way through it. We need to think about where our materials come from, how they’re made and interrogate the whole supply chain – from construction to demolition and reuse.”


    Capitalism is not turning green, the capitalists are looking for new energy sources and the competition for the electric car is going to get tough among themselves. Probably, the final days of the petroleum industry are getting close. There are many by-products that can be obtained from Cannabis similar to the by-products obtained from the sugar cane

    Matthew Culbert

    There is a connection here between small capitalism and farming with alleviating some consequences of climate change.
    No solution of course, but some mitigation of local issues.


    ‘Bright Green Lies’

    Much like ‘Planet of the Humans’, it questions the green answers being proposed by capitalism

    The Environmental Impacts of “Green” Technology

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