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    I agree with this article

    A winter of discontent

    I’d just add an observation about the Socialist Workers Party. They think that if workers go on strike, somehow this will lead to revolution. To this end, they display their banners, sell their paper and join picket lines. They shout from the platform at rallies that everyone needs to strike, that we need more strikes. Speaking as a (SPGB) striker on a recent TU rally, I found this really annoying. Should the SPGB follow their example – NO! Workers strike quite rightly to maintain our standard of living and not for any other reason. (Although maybe one day we’ll strike for an actual improvement as in the birth of trade unionism). For revolution to be achieved, this can only happen if workers want to abolish capitalism- not because we’ve gone on strike. Therefore I’m not in favour of the Party targeting the handing out of leaflets at trade union pickets/rallies. The idea that strikers may be more receptive than other workers, to the Party case, is not one that I’d go along with. I would love to see an SPGB banner on the next TU demonstration. But we could just as equally show up with our (imaginary) banner at the next religious service at the local mosque or church.

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