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    That always seems to be case with mass movements in this country. At most, they result in large marches heavily populated by Trotskyite recruiters. Then, when their demands are once again ignored by the state, they drift apart as people lose faith or find a new, more exciting cause. I wonder how long the fervour caused by COP26 will persist?


    It’s still there Wez. Post #224341 above. Of course if the trots are true to form (and still exist) they will try to infiltrate and take over the mass movement for world socialism too.


    How can we forget a million-strong march against the Iraq War dissipating.

    It was more or less led by the Rees and German, then of the SWP, but they took no responsibility for why the anti-war movement faded. And I have read little analysis of the failure to persist when new wars arose.

    Are people content with tokenism and gesture politics?

    In some regards, the environmental movement is in it for the long-haul and over time has grown stronger.

    But we already witness it going down the rabbit hole to the warren of reformist policies, from government legislation to individual lifestyle choices.

    Those who describe themselves as eco-socialists for all purposes aren’t advocating socialism.

    Can anybody detect a shift towards our definition of socialism? I can’t.


    False Promises

    About 80% of deforestation in the region has been attributed to cattle ranching. Brazil’s beef industry hopes to tempt buyers back to the Amazon region, which covers about 40% of the country’s total area, with a new deforestation-free pledge. But critics are concerned it could effectively legalise deforestation in the region.


    After all the fine words of COP26 the US auctioning off leases for more than 80m acres of the Mexican Gulf for oil and gas extraction, a record sell-off that will lock in years, and potentially decades, of planet-heating emissions.


    More evidence that there is a potential audience out there that could be tapped into.

    Conducted for Unicef by Gallup for World Children’s Day, surveyed two age groups in 21 countries – aged 15-24 and 40-plus – sampled from different socioeconomic groups, to compare attitudes.

    The results suggest the younger generation are more positive and globally-minded than their elders, sceptical of what they read on social media (only 17% of young people said they trusted social media platforms “a lot” for information) and more invested in science and the possibility of global cooperation and international institutions.


    Soaring demand for electricity in Spain has pushed power company Endesa to restart a coal plant that has been idle since July and is slated for closure as part of European emissions-cutting goals.

    Portugal shut down its last remaining coal plant last weekend.


    Canada’s official environment watchdog on Thursday rapped the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for incoherent and poorly designed efforts to slow climate change.

    Canada has never met a target to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. Trudeau’s government, in power since 2015, says it will slash emissions by at least 40% by 2030 from 2005 levels, and to make Canada carbon-neutral by 2050.

    “Over the past 30 years, Canada has gone from being a climate leader to falling behind other developed countries despite recent efforts,” said Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Jerry DeMarco.


    For three weeks, the Brazilian government concealed the fact that deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest increased by nearly 22 percent last year, accentuating a trend that threatens to derail efforts to curb global warming.

    The report by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) based on the data for the year covering August 2020 to July 2021 is dated Oct. 27, but the government did not release it until Thursday, Nov. 18. – AFTER COP26

    Growing Amazon Deforestation a Grave Threat to Global Climate


    Another report on COP26 failure and political deception

    The report—prepared in response to President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14008—recommends adjusting royalty and bonding rates, prioritizing leasing in areas with known resource potential, and avoiding regions where drilling conflicts with conservation, historical and cultural resources, recreation, and wildlife habitat.

    “Releasing this completely inadequate report over a long holiday weekend is a shameful attempt to hide the fact that President Biden has no intention of fulfilling his promise to stop oil and gas drilling on our public lands,” said Food & Water Watch policy director Mitch Jones


    What is she going to do ? To agree with joe Biden drilling in public lands or she is going to resign or protest ?


    The Climate Change Committee (CCC) says that, at current rates, the UK will be contributing to a disastrous temperature rise of 2.7C by 2100.


    One more COP pledge to be broken

    Brazil will continue to use and subsidize coal as an energy source until at least 2040

    far from promoting the adoption of climate-friendly clean fuels – benefits coal producers in southern Santa Catarina state by prolonging the activities of coal-based power plants in the region for a further 18 years. Under previous policies, Brazilian subsidies for thermal coal-powered plants were supposed to end by 2027, and the authorization for three large plants in Santa Catarina to operate was meant to expire in 2025.


    Another sign that the COP failed in its object.

    China’s coal production reached record levels last year as the state encouraged miners to ramp up their fossil fuel output to safeguard the country’s energy supplies through the winter gas crisis.

    The world’s biggest coal producer and consumer mined 384.67m tonnes of the fossil fuel last month, easily topping its previous record of 370.84m tonnes set in November,after the government called for miners to work at maximum capacity to help fuel the country’s economic growth.

    China’s coal binge also spurred the country to record high coal output over the year as a whole. Chinese coal production climbed to an all-time high of 4.07bn tonnes, up 4.7% on the previous year, in a blow to climate campaigners months after the UN’s Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow.


    Exxon greenwashing net-zero emissions

    “I don’t give a damn if Exxon is changing the lightbulbs at their office: It’s the millions of barrels of oil they’re producing that are the problem,” said Fossil Free Media director Jamie Henn

    Exxon’s net-zero plan should be treated “as a tobacco company promising all their staff will quit smoking and then expecting to be congratulated for having solved the lung cancer problem,” Fossil Free Media analyst Ketan Joshi said

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