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    Just watched some of the live stream of a Naomi Klein event on the Guardian website. She's promoting her latest book on climate change. A wee fanny called Owen Jones chaired the event (he calls himself a Socialist) and what transpired was the usual guff about more taxes, green initiatives, offsetting and all the other shite. What fucks me off about these pretentious arseholes is that whilst they swan about the globe thinking they are doing something, the real experts languish in utter obscurity. The audience of 2000 (all Guardian "Members" apparently) were as clueless as Klein or Jones. Fuckin hell I'm angry. 


    I have a soft spot for Naomi Klein and there appears to be much of value in her new book on the environment which has one of its basic tenets that the ecology movement cannot be isolated and seperate from the anti-capitalism, For sure she has failings in recognising just what capitalism fully  encapsulates and recommends battleing for improvements…but so do we in the class struggle and Klein does accept the environmentalists must be part of the broader class struggle….the rise of socialist consciousness doesn't have to start in the workplace.Klein i recall is quite anti-carbon offsetting and exposes the capitalist greenwash promoted by corporations and governments…but i will stand corrected by someone more informed.I keep saying, if we aren't there in the actual debate and discussion, out and out tinkerers like Jones won't be challenged about the necessity of revolution.


    At best, they belong to the current historically known as "democratic socialism" with the likes of GDH Cole.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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