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    Bijou Drains

    Present: S.Kennedy, M.Foster, J.Cohen , T.Hart, J.Shodeke
    Apologies: M.Browne, P.Shannon
    Chair: T.Hart
    Meeting opened at 12:56pm
    1. Election of Chair: T.Hart
    Shodeke/Foster – Agreed
    2. Amendment and adoption of the previous meeting minutes (p. 7)
    (a) Re §§6(r)i (e-mail from the Treasurer re Head Office heating), 6(r)iii (oral report from the Treasurer re
    key security arrangements), 6(u)ii (e-mail from the Standing Orders Committee, 4 January), and 6(v)ii
    (Report of the Treasurer re 2018 Corporation Tax return), note from the Assistant Secretary (26 January):
    No action or discussion is minuted for §§6(r)i, 6(r)iii, 6(u)ii, and 6(v)ii of the January EC meeting agenda. I
    assume that these items were overlooked and so have repeated them on this month’s agenda. If the EC
    indeed took some action, even if it was only to note the reports, I suggest that the minutes be amended
    6(r)i – Noted
    6(r)iii – Keys assigned
    6(u)ii – Noted
    6(v)ii – Noted/None
    RESOLUTION: Foster/Cohen- “That the minutes be adopted as amended.”
    3. Matters arising from previous minutes
    (a) Matters arising from the March 2019 meeting minutes
    i. Re §2(c)vi (“That the EC clearly redefines the terms of reference for each committee and appoints an EC
    member to encourage and assist each in progressing their mission.”), e-mail from Cde Foster (25 January):
    RESOLUTION: Foster/Hart – “That the terms of reference be adopted as amended.”
    (b) Matters arising from the October 2019 meeting minutes
    i. Re §4(s) (“That Cde. Shannon approach the Membership Applications Committee on its views
    concerning the merits of producing a FAQ leaflet. (in hard copy and soft copy format)”), no report
    received – To be taken off the agenda, report to be submitted when appropriate.
    (c) Matters arising from the December 2019 meeting minutes
    i. Re §4(i)i (“The EC asks the CO to ask North East branch if they wish to disband and which branches they
    wish to join.”), no report received
    Ongoing, branch in the process of reorganising to become active once more.
    (d) Matters arising from the January 2020 meeting minutes
    i. Re §6(e)i (call for nominations for EC vacancies), nomination of Cde L Stevens by Lancaster (8 January,
    carried 5–0–0) and nominee’s acceptance of same (11 January)
    ii. Notice of Business (Browne): “That Party Officers be reimbursed for necessary work when needing to
    stay overnight while at HO.”
    RESOLUTION: Foster/Kennedy – “That the EC is in favour of party Officers being able to be funded for hotel
    accommodation costs when working at head office on party business. This would be in situations where
    staying at head office would be unsuitable on health grounds. Each claim is to be considered in advance by
    the EC on its own merits.”
    (Carried 5-0-0)
    4. Reports of and new matters relating to Party Officers, Party Appointees, and Subcommittees
    (a) Advertising and Enquiries
    (b) Assistant Secretary
    i. Note from the Assistant Secretary (27 January):
    Comrade Kennedy shall endeavour to publish the minutes at an earlier interval.
    (c) Audio Visual
    (d) Auditors
    (e) Ballot
    (f) Blog
    (g) Campaigns and Media
    i. Report of the Campaigns and Media Committee to Conference 2020 (p. 27)
    (h) Central Branch Secretary
    (i) Central Organiser
    (j) Education
    (k) Election
    i. Electoral Commission returns
    (l) General Secretary
    (m) Head Office Organiser
    (n) Internet
    (o) Investment
    (p) Library and Archives
    i. E-mail from Cde Browne (25 January) re Report of the Library and Archives Committee:
    The General Secretary is asked to send a letter to the member in question requesting said books be
    returned, and to offer assistance.
    (q) Membership Applications
    i. Report of the Membership Applications Committee to Conference 2020 (p. 28)
    (r) Premises
    i. E-mail from the Treasurer re Head Office heating (6 December; p. 29)
    ii. E-mail from the Treasurer re Head Office heating (24 January):
    RESOLUTION: Foster/Hart – “That the Treasurer get two quotes from gas safety registered companies, to
    replace the water tank and lead piping, as stated in option 2 of the report.”
    (Carried 5-0-0)
    Meeting adjourned for break: 2:30pm
    Meeting resumed at: 2:45pm
    RESOLUTION: Foster/Kennedy – “That the contract with British Gas for annual checks of the boiler be
    cancelled, and that the gas safety registered engineer be chosen to address the tank and pipes issue be
    asked for an annual check. EC standing orders to be amended to include a reminder that “Each January a
    gas safety check is carried out.”
    (Carried 5-0-0)
    iii. Oral report from the Treasurer re key security arrangements
    Noted/Dealt with previously
    (s) Publications
    (t) Socialist Standard
    (u) Standing Orders
    i. E-mail from the Standing Orders Committee (4 January
    (v) Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer
    i. Report of the Treasurer re 2018 Corporation Tax return (CT600) (28 December)
    No money owed
    (w) Trustees
    5. Correspondence
    (a) Matters of urgency
    i. Head Office insurance A. E-mail from the Treasurer re urgent insurance issues (7 January, p. 32) B. E-mail
    from the Treasurer re urgent insurance issues (11 January, p. 35) C. E-mail from the Treasurer re party wall
    issues and insurance renewal (24 January, p. 39) D. E-mail from the Treasurer re further insurance issues
    (25 January, p. 40)
    Issues noted and deferred until Employers renewal next month.
    RESOLUTION: Foster/Kennedy – “That the letter to the insurance company be adopted as amended.”
    (b) Correspondence from or concerning Branches, the Party in general, and members
    i. Email from Comrade Tim Kilgallon: Action Detrimental.
    RESOLUTION: Kennedy/Cohen – “In light of the continued dissatisfaction of the manner in which the EC has
    dealt with the matter, that the EC charge Comrade C.Alvarenga with Action Detrimental under rule 31, and
    initiate the necessary procedure, with regards to the following charges: Financial impropriety, Theft of Party
    literature, Threats to destroy Party equipment, Wilful damage to HO central heating and fire alarm systems
    (x3) Drunk and disorderly disruption of Party meeting, aggressive behaviour towards fellow-comrade.”
    (Carried 4-0-1 With a request for division by Comrade Kennedy
    For: Kennedy/Cohen/Hart/Foster
    Against: None
    Abstentions: Shodeke)
    (c) Correspondence from Companion Parties and Groups
    i. Socialist Party of Canada Secretary’s Report, 1 January 2020 (p. 46) -Noted
    ii. World Socialist Party (India) Executive Committee minutes, December 2019 (p. 50) – Noted
    iii. World Socialist Party (India) Executive Committee minutes, January 2020 (p. 53) – Noted
    iv. World Socialist Party of the United States Newsletter, January 2020 (p. 55) – Noted
    (d) All other correspondence
    6. Notices of Motion
    7. Notices of Business
    Comrade Foster- Employers renewal and Insurance necessary for premises committee actioned.
    8. Any other business
    9. Nomination of Chair for the next meeting
    Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm

    Bijou Drains

    Apologies for the late arrival of the Feb EC minutes on the forum, this was due to the fact that to support my family I have to sell my labour power and, as part of the exploitation process, I have to travel many miles throughout the UK.

    Trying to be as eco conscious as I can be, I mainly use the northern rail network, and as a consequence have spent the last four days being fucked about by said “network”, heartless bastards, the lot of them!

    (although I may change my judgement of my fellow workers when I have had time to rest, drink beer and reflect)

    It may just be me, and AJ may have more information on this, but is it a requirement of British transport legislation that every British train has a minimum of at least one drunken Scotsman aboard at all times?


    It is really funny, the peoples who talk a lot about increasing membership and membership applications were the first ones who at the website of the Socialist Party were asking other members to resign because of other peoples did not support the so-called feminist motion, and hundred of women are been killed in Colombia, and Mexico who are feminists and members of some social movement, and nobody have mentioned anything about it

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