Economic Failure & Social Breakdown – We chose it & still are!

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    Economic Failure & Social Breakdown – We chose it & still are!

    Author: Paramjeet Singh

    Published by : Socialist Center

    Economic Crisis! was not a surprise.
    Inequality! Poverty! Hunger! Unemployment! Discrimination! No Rule of Law! are not there for some reasons that are beyond our control or are still not under our control.
    These things, the current state of affairs, the ugly face of humanity (the most of it) that we have today did not come out of nowhere. You cannot come forward with a bold face and say “what we have today is not what we wanted. It just happened and we need to correct it.” The situation that we, as human beings, face today was not the natural course of time.  In fact, it is what we wanted since the beginning. Or, at least it is what those who govern the world economically wanted. Excuse me for not identifying the governments as the entities who govern the country or the world because it is not the reality. Government have become a tool in the hands of those who economically govern the world. Coming back to the point- We chose the direction, we chose the path and we took the steps to tread the chosen path. Now, we do not stand any ground to find ourselves in the state of denial and shed the responsibility off our shoulders. It is not at all about Socialism or Capitalism or Communism. It is about what we have today. What we have today is not something that came out of nowhere. What we have today is the result of the choices that we made; those choices that led to benefiting less than 1% of the world and to the detriment of more than 99%. The social face of the humanity begging protection and sustenance always existed before the policy makers while they sat on the table framing economic and social policies; but they chose to ignore it and made policies in favour of a few neoliberalists. It was not done because of some lack of analytical or other data before the policy framers; nor did it happen for the policy makers didn’t know what the problems were that the mankind faced. If I recall correctly, Salvoj Zizek (one of the best known philosophers of the world) right pointed out that capitalism is the socialism for the top few. In fact, this is what happened. Choices were made and they were made in favour of a few; ignoring the rest of the mankind. And, this still continues today. Despite having the obscenities of the truth before us, the things are not improving in real and substantial sense. The reason is same: we are still making the choices, whether good or bad is a different issue, that favour the neoliberalists also- the super duper rich. 

    In a nutshell, Paramjeet, the capitalist system exists because the majority, actively or passively, allow it to continue. It's time they stopped doing so.

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