Ecology And The Pathology Of Capitalism

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    i found this article a good read.

    By Charles Sullivan

    “…Modern capitalism has produced pathological symptoms and endorsed an ethos that is antithetical to life and to liberty…A moneyless economy based upon need must supplant the current profit-driven system of exploitation. Accordingly, goods and services may then be exchanged without the conduit of markets.”

    “…Virtually all of the social upheaval, inequality, and environmental problems of today in some way ensue from capitalism, including overpopulation and armed aggression. Capitalism requires continuous economic expansion and a burgeoning market for consumers. This is simply not possible on a finite planet…”

    “…The transition from capitalism to cooperation will be neither smooth nor easy. There will be many false starts. At first, there will be fierce resistance to revolutionary change. People cling to the familiar and the comfortable, to what they know, even when the dominant paradigm and popular culture does them harm.
    The first tentative steps of a journey are often the most difficult. There are no clear blueprints to follow. There will be trepidation and uncertainty. But we must commit to beginning. The alternative is oblivion…”


    Full article at link

    alanjjohnstone wrote:
    i found this article a good read.By Charles SullivanFull article at link

     Managed to get a plug in for the party here:- down past the article.

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