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    From Mark Lansbury on Spintcom

    I’m honestly quite stunned that Dreamhost has had (at 21.42 on 29/1/12) downtime in excess of 10 hours. Perhaps we are getting free hosting as a non-profit certified in America?

    Should a move of hosting services ever be considered, I’d highly recommend UnlimitedWebHosting<http://www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk/platform.php>.
    They use a bespoke cloud computing system which means a hardware or software failure on one physical machine causes the website to be automatically transferred to a different machine. Basically, the website stays online.

    Rates are very reasonable. A hosted website is about £3.33/month with no contract. That’s unlimited storage and bandwidth. All the usual included (mySQL, PHP …).

    I moved to them about 3 years ago and they are, without a doubt, the absolute best hosting service I’ve used in the last 15 years or so. They have Drupal available as an ‘easy install’ which is what the new Party website runs on.

    It’s also a simple matter should we ever need to upgrade to a virtual server which is also an outstanding deal.

    Have even phoned support once in the evening. Got straight through to the support/tech guy. I’m still amazed they are knowledgeable and know of what they speak. Plus, they look for solution rather than blame problems on the customer or make excuses why something doesn’t function properly.

    Even better that their hardware is not in America. It’s in the UK (better than America for data privacy concerns).

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