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    Bijou Drains

    That’s like celebrating because you’ve only got one paper cut on your bell end


    In the UK 12 million people were in absolute poverty at the height of the cost of living crisis – equivalent to 18% of the population, including 3.6 million children.

    The latest figures show food insecurity rose dramatically, up from 4.7 million people (7%) in 2021-22 to 7.2 million (11%) in 2022-23. Food bank use is also up, with 3.4% of all UK households saying they had accessed charity food in the past 12 months, a figure that rises to 10% of households in poverty.


    The UN defines absolute poverty as being deprived of food, clean water, sanitation, shelter, education and information(eh?). You will find evidence of this in places like Afsponistan and suchlike, but the claim that it can be found here is laughable. The famished kiddies going to school without having brekkie can be seen gawping at smartphones ( no lack of info there). Some working-class folk simply don’t know how to manage what they have or their priorities are all wrong ( e.g. using National Assistance monies to fund holidays abroad ).


    Poverty is defined as being a member of the working class. Absolute and relative poverty is defined according to the level of economical development of a country or world region. In the USA poverty level is measure according to the income and the level of poverty is $15,060.00 per year which is above the income of many countries in the so called third world


    According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which tracks the number of households in financial difficulties, 5.8 million people reported that they were struggling to pay a large bill in February 2020.

    The data, which gives an insight into the UK’s personal finances, showed that by January 2023 the number of people in financial difficulties almost doubled to 10.9 million.

    So will those people stick with capitalism? You bet they will!


    They don’t know any better love. And neither do you.


    They don’t know any better love

    I’m not your ‘love’, bird brain.

Viewing 7 posts - 316 through 322 (of 322 total)
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