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    Some Saturday viewing: I’d not heard of it before, but the writer, Trevor Griffiths recently died.


    Excellent series.

    Also check out Griffiths’ ‘All Good Men’, a standalone Play For Today which is on YouTube, which touches upon similar themes relating to the Labour Party but is more about historical betrayal.


    Finally made it all the way through: I particularly enjoyed Arthur Lowe as the slippery Prime Minister.

    I’ve just run across another cracking series:

    The Guardians, Britain falls to a military coup…


    That’s Bridget from Grange Hill in the thumbnail!!!

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    All Good Men by Trevor Griffiths from 1974.

    By all accounts, Griffiths was heavily influenced by Ralph Miliband’s Parliamentary Socialism:

    Mike Foster

    I watched The Guardians a few years ago, and was quite impressed. I remember it as being something you have to concentrate more on than most TV, as it describes the politics of a fascist England and resistance to it in some detail. This means that it’s often quite ‘talky’ and earnest, which isn’t a criticism, just that you have to get into its style. The series’ main writer, John Bowen, has a decent track record of folk-horror with a political edge.


    @imposs1904 indeed it is, but, erm, younger. Strange way to see Mrs McCluskey…

    Another series:

    Edward Woodward, a slightly more right wing dystopia (he’s a people smuggler in the first episode, helping people escape Grim Britain to go to a better life!) The second series ends with a Thatcher-alike leading the liberation against the big state: it was Billed as 1984+6 years…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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