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    During the government of Rafael L Trujillo in the Dominican Republic he established mandatory military service for the young peoples but the training provided guns made from lumbers instead of real guns, nobody else was allowed to have guns except the military and the secret service which is similar to the Gestapo, KGB or CIA. Before he was overthrown he was negotiating with the Soviets to change his foreign master


    Rosa Luxembourg questioned what Engels did with Volume 2 of Marx’s Capital and trying to contradict Volume 2 she created more trouble for her, Marx was right and she was wrong


    More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press. The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country


    Biden’s Middle East policy same as Trump’s

    So much for Chomsky’s vote for the lesser evil


    Is that spelt Chumpsky?


    Chomsky was not the only one, there were several including James Petra, Noami Klein, Andrew Kilman. They write and sell a lot of books but they never hit the Piñata. Are we still drinking champagne or Coca Cola ? We were called champagne socialists because we do not support any capitalist leader, or the concept of the lesser evil, and we have an hostility clause against all political parties. Time has shown that we were correct. Like someone said: We need a third party in the USA, and another person asked : Is there a second party in the USA ? Both political party are like the baseball players, they just take turn and one sit on the doghouse waiting for its term, both are the same. They can do like in Latin America whereas they have had Juntas ( Argentina, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, etc ) or governments presided by a coalition of two or four political parties.


    Dump Biden for 2424

    Grassroots Organizing Should Dump Biden and Clear Path for a Better Nominee in 2024

    “We object to Biden running in 2024 because of his job performance as president. He has proven incapable of effectively leading for policies so badly needed by working people and the planet, including policies he promised as a candidate.”

    “Young people are abandoning him in droves because he won’t fight for their rights and freedom.”

    We told you so


    Many of those organizations they opted for joe Biden instead of Bernie sanders which in some way was a better option but they went ahead with the so called lesser evil Most African American and Latinos influenced by religion rejected Bernie sanders Who are they going to select now for 2024 ? The democratic party does not have any more candidates and Bernie sanders said that will not run against joe Biden


    Most of the programs proposed by joe Biden have been blocked by two democrats senators and democrats have not have the courage to eliminate the filibuster Women have had more courage than men Liz Cheney is going to lose her seat due to her involvement in the 1/6 committee


    Latest from Sanders. Accuses Manchin of sabotage. Accuses Biden of being too friendly with Saudi Arabia


    “It’s like the Trump years with a smile,” a Palestinian official, who requested anonymity.


    Biden initially picked much of the low-hanging fruit from the misery of the Trump years. He revived the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and returned the United States to the Paris climate accords; the World Health Organization; and the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

    But Biden has been timid in addressing the worst aspects of Trump’s legacy in international security.

    Trump’s vindictive tariffs on Chinese imports are still in place, although removing them would have improved Sino-American bilateral relations and alleviated the inflationary spiral in the U.S. economy. A return to the Iran nuclear accord would have created the opportunity for improving U.S. relations with Iran

    President Biden and Iran: the Cost of a Missed Opportunity


    If they want to get more petroleum to reduce the price of the commodity, they can get it from Venezuela, Iran, and the whole Caribbean region is seating on top of a large reserve of oil probably larger than Venezuela. They just want to make more profits


    Not a single Democrat in either the House or the Senate voted yes in 2017 when Trump passed legislation that slashed the corporate tax rate to 21% and lowered the top marginal rate for the richest people in the United States

    However, five years later it remains still largely intact.

    Political commentator David Dayen commented, “If the so-called party of the people cannot raise taxes on the ultra-rich they have little purpose other than being yet another handmaiden for the wealthy in Washington.”

    “If you have unanimous opposition to a bad policy with no real political proponents and then can’t get a single thing done about it in the space of five years, it speaks to an essential malfunctioning at every level of the party and the process…”

    He added. “It’s nothing short of an embarrassment.”

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