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    As we always said, economic reality dictates government policy.

    The US has said it is releasing 50 million barrels of oil from its reserves in an attempt to bring down soaring energy and petrol prices. The move is being taken in parallel with other major oil-consuming nations, including China, India, Japan, South Korea and the UK.


    During the government of Donald Trump the Saudi and OPEC cartel pumped an excessive amount of petroleum and the price went down to a negative value and tankers were used as storage for petroleum and the US purchased more than 75 millions barrels of oil


    “Biden didn’t just bring back Remain in Mexico. He’s made it even worse.” says Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, a former immigration attorney who is now policy counsel at the American Immigration Council.


    The medication has been worst than the disease. That is the result of the so called lesser evil Economical interests dictates politics


    Joe Biden back better bill ( call socialist by some political ignorants ) will cut hospitals benefits for the poor to provide tax cut for the rich. Is that what some personalities call socialism for the rich or corporate socialism ? Do we need any more evidences to prove that the state is financed with surplus value ?

    The concept of socialism has been widely distorted by the leftists who have propagated the idea that state capitalism and social benefits run by the state is socialism, we might as well conclude that the biggest socialist that has ever existed was Roosevelt with the only exception that he proposed 85 tax increased for the corporations .

    I do not think they have read Engles definition of state capitalism and the origin and the function of the state, they must be reading Keyness


    House passed 778 billions dollars for war immediately but there’s is not money for the real needs of the workers . Workers have been cheated again and they continue believing that capitalism will resolve their problems They approved more than the amount of money requested by joe Biden if you a search you will that every state of the USA has one or several factories to produce armaments that is reason why all senators always approve the military budget their main concern is to be elected and be re elected


    I wonder what would be the arguments of those famous left-wing writers and organizations leaders who asked USA workers to support the democratic party and its leadership based on the concept of the lesser evil.

    The Biden war budget is the biggest one in the whole history of the USA and it is bigger than all the war budgets submitted by Donald Trump, and all prior USA presidents.

    It is a clear indication that our problems are not the presidents, the right or the left, or the political parties, our main problem is capitalism and the market system, they are the ones that must be replaced


    Progressive Georgia: the Progressive Movement Lives

    Georgia’s 2021 municipal runoff elections saw dozens of progressives elected as new mayors, city council members, and local officials in a wave that challenges the political narrative that only centrists can win in Southern battleground states, according to several organizers of voter outreach efforts.


    Biden’s first year and that of his establishment/corporate wing of the Democratic Party in power is nearing its end. Last year’s combined economic crash and viral pandemic worsened economic and social troubles in 2021 too. Inequality deepened, inflation hit hard, and new coronavirus variants threaten. Biden Democrats proved unable or unwilling to mobilize the people to support their spending program. Yet it (and much more) was needed for the once-in-US-history crisis that capped off Trump’s 4-year effort to dismantle public services while enriching the already rich.

    So the US economic system continues its decline and thereby drags down the Democrats’ prospects in 2022 elections. A Trumpian right-wing rage aims to deflect a damaged, embittered, and angry working class from targeting the employer class for its woes. Instead, the GOP organizes increasingly violent demonizations of scapegoats (immigrants, people of color, progressives, protesters, etc.). Biden Democrats offer no outlet for working class anger and opposition because they dare not target big business and the system it runs and profits from. Those Democrats fear mobilizing people for the mass demonstrations needed to change the national conversation and direction. That failure risks another: failure to mobilize their votes too.

    More and more, I confront a change in the focus of questions in all my public speaking events. Before, most questions asked me to explain the many ways in which capitalism is declining in the US and changing globally. Now, most questioners seem largely to understand the decline and the changes, but what they want now is to focus on what systemic changes could solve our social problems and how we might accomplish them. This is a huge forward movement for which Democracy at Work (d@w) proudly deserves part of the credit.

    Of course, more needs doing, and now more than ever, as right-wing threats mount. We are in a good position to build on our last 10 years of growth and social reach. d@w audiences and partners are joining others to replenish the widening political space well to the left of the Democrats. In this year, Economic Update’s 10th anniversary year, we feel that we have arrived at the point where we can truly say that we have a well established track record. Our shows and books can and do foster many thousands of people’s interest, enthusiasm and passion for real systemic change. Together, we make a big difference in how the flow of economic events gets understood. You and we, as partners, disseminate very different lessons drawn from the history we are living through. The rise of a serious, critical political tradition is happening in the US. The d@w community is a central part of that.

    Of course, more must be done. With your help in spreading the word, engaging with our projects, and supporting d@w financially, we can reach even more people in 2022. With your partnership and support, you will help us to develop further and distribute more widely, at home and abroad, the critique that today’s capitalism needs now more than ever. Likewise, we keep sharpening our ideas and arguments for moving cooperatively beyond and doing better than capitalism.

    On behalf of the entire Democracy at Work team, thank you for your support, engagement, and solidarity. Join us in this effort by sharing our work or learning about the many ways you can support d@w.

    In solidarity,

    Richard Wolff
    Democracy at Work Board Member


    Economical interests dictate political promises. Now, they are changing gears after they supported the concept of the lesser evil. It clearly shows that the problem was not Donald Trump, the problem is capitalism as we have being saying for more than 100 years


    Biden administration admitted that a court decision did not compel it to lease vast tracts of the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling, shortly before claiming it was legally obliged to do so when announcing the sell-off


    Donald Trump is not the only liar, they are all a bunch of liars, and all of them will always defend the interests of the capitalist class including those so-called socialists who are sleeping in the same bed with the democratic party


    Build Back Better dead in the water

    Vice-President Kamala Harris was asked which Joe was the “real” president, Biden or Manchin

    “C’mon, Charlamagne,” Harris snapped. “It’s Joe Biden. No, no, no, no. It’s Joe Biden…”

    I think we know the right answer.

    And as for the real vice president, not Harris but Krysten Sinema


    Now it is known as the Build Back Later, if the Democrats do not pass this bill now they are not going to win the 2022 midterm election and the 2024 presidential and senators election


    Manchin Under Fire for Blowing Potential $60 Billion Hole in US Economy During Pandemic. ( He should be called President Manchin and Sinema as the Vice President )

    Beyond its near-immediate—and potentially devastating—impact on millions of families with children, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s obstruction of his party’s Build Back Better package could have far-reaching consequences for the overall U.S. economy as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage at home and abroad.

    “Without BBB, the economic recovery will be vulnerable to stalling out.”
    According to a Business Insider calculation derived from Goldman Sachs’ new adjusted growth projections, the death of Democrats’ $1.75 trillion reconciliation measure could deprive the U.S. economy of $60 billion in the gross domestic product (GDP) over the next three quarters, hampering the nation’s fragile recovery.

    Millionaire Manchin’s coal money behind his knifing of Build Back Better

    Most USA politician receives an enormous amount of money from the capitalist class. The USA congress is known as the Club of the Millionaires

    Another analysis made by the left

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