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    Hey. I live in The Netherlands and I think autistic people should be able to donate their sperm. But my supervisor Nelly van Brunschot (who she says is very intelligent and social) says that the government does not allow it, because autistic or handicapped children cost the government money. If it costs too much money, the Netherlands can go bankrupt. That is why autistic people may not donate their sperm, otherwise the Netherlands will go bankrupt! As an autistic person and someone who supports autism rights, I find Nelly’s words very hurtful! Does socialism or communismn agree with Nelly?
    Greetings Johan

    Hi Johan,

    I doubt very much the Netherlands would go bankrupt but unfortunately governments always put costs ahead of human health and wellbeing because they support the capitalist system which is based on profit-making and cost-saving.

    But in the properly socialist or communist world that we advocate (for us the words are interchangeable) there would be no governments to tell us what to do. Instead, decisions would be made democratically by the whole community, based on the best evidence available.

    In socialism there would be no money because all resources would be commonly owned. Health and wellbeing would be given priority and those who needed extra care would get it. There would be no monetary cost, and healthcare like everything else would be determined by people’s self-defined needs.

    L.B. Neill

    Hi Johan,

    I relate to you. What you experienced from your supervisor is sad. The idea that any form of care is a burden to the state is so wrong.

    Rod is right: in socialism, this would not even matter, and your decision would be a matter of choice- and all would support it.

    Ableism (that is discrimination on ability over disability) is not acceptable.

    When society calls we who have ‘disability’ (be it physical or mental health) a burden- it really hurts. We have so much to contribute: and your question to your supervisor is testament to your pro-social kindness.

    like rodshaw said: it will not go bankrupt. And yes money decisions do impact governments.

    I really support whatever decision you make- as that is the social thing to do. There are so many people I know who would relate to your post- and stand by your choices- through all it entails!

    Be safe,


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